Faster Gathering & Emergency Shift in Workshop vs Emergency Shift in Gathering Post

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I usually burn my first (and only) emergency shift in the workshop, which is researching either faster gathering or beacon depending on the scenario. I'm curious if burning the emergency shift on a gathering post would be better or worse. To simplify things, I want to compare two approaches: (1) Emergency shift in the workshop researching faster gathering vs (2) emergency shift in a gathering post in a game in which faster gathering will not play a role. (It does not seem optimal to me to burn the emergency shift in a gathering post when faster gathering will be an early tech, but I'm happy to be challenged on that).

In terms of sheer gathering hours, it takes 2 to 3 days for faster gathering to surpass emergency shift in a gathering post (which adds 14 hours of gathering time) depending on how many gathering posts exist. What's much more difficult to evaluate, however, is the opportunity costs/benefits of each approach with respect to research. For example, with approach 1, burning the emergency shift in the workshop puts you 14 hours ahead in your tech progression, but this is valuable only to the extent that you can take advantage of those new techs immediately.


I'm evaluating these two approaches with the assumption that building a beacon and scouting is a top priority (this is the optimal play-style in my experience because scouting provides huge lump sums of resources and access to critical workforce supplies and outposts), which is a resource-intensive opening. Thus is it better to delay the beacon by a few hours in favor of faster gathering (approach 1), or is it better to scout ASAP even if it means that resource gathering will be less efficient (approach 2)?

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