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Please note, I literally found out about this game today. I’ve only seen the first campaign complete, and by the gods I need this game. This is just my idea on what mod/dlc could happen with this game.

First, the name of this post. Fimbulwinter, winter without end. In Norse mythology, it was the beginning of the end, the beginning of Ragnarok. This game has almost every sign of Fimbulwinter, although more people are supposed to survive it. But who knows, there’s probably more settlements farther away, like in Asia or the Americas. But a nod for it based around this Fimbulwinter idea. We will be given a better idea of where our base is in this scenario. Scandinavia, Iceland, or Greenland. Any of them can work. Next, when you decide between Faith or Order. The first tree will be exactly the same, and I haven’t seen the order tree so I can’t say. But Faith will have minor changes. Such as after you implement the religion, the arena and duels will be more deadly but you can raise hope with deadly arena fights. Valhalla will be better, after all. Next, random events from this. Riots will be more likely to happen in protest of it, but can be easily dealt with. Repent sessions can and will leave more people in the hospital. Now new areas and story events. The story will go on after the Great Freeze. You’d start making new scouts and have new areas available. A wide trench, an empty wolf lair, and a poisonous spring. All of which will reward small to large amounts of raw food, coal, and wood. Not that you’d need them after the freeze. You’ll find a few more areas like that, and more clues, then the second freeze will happen. This time though, it’ll skip to after it. If your Ill-equipped, you’ll fail the scenario. If you are though, you’ll skip the freeze and find new techs available. All of which for hunting. These add in two more buildings (Wolf lodge and Snake lodge). Getting these will unlock expeditions, expeditions will unlock the rest of the story. These go on until the third freeze, which will not skip. Instead, you’ll have a few days to research defense tech. If that is not completed, your city will be overrun with either snakes or wolves, chosen randomly. If you have enough buildings protected however, you’ll win the scenario. Yes, this is a longer scenario. But maybe some things can be done to shorten it. Maybe everything is closer to home, or everything costs a bit less, or times are made faster. Something will need to be done to compensate for how long this scenario is. A few things I believe are optional is a 6th tech tree, which can be unlocked and used during the 2nd and 3rd storm to increase the odds of surviving. Automatons should have farther upgrades to be more efficient. Maybe even used for defense in the 3rd freeze.


This is all just an idea though. It will likely not be made real. I’d love to know what you think of Fimbulwinter.

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