Finally… a win!

frostpunk 3 - Finally... a win!

This game is exhausting, physically and mentally. After quite a few games that ended in absolute failure, I finally made it. I was not prepared for the end though, in the slightest. I ended up having to keep guards constantly patrolling, my propaganda offices constantly turning out paperwork, every thumper, mining facility, gathering post, etc., on 24 hour shifts with foremen screaming to go faster and agitators pumping out my messages that we'd be okay.


The final storm is what, 4 days? Shockingly, my coal reserves (bolstered by my brave workers every day) held strong. My food, however… did not. About halfway through the 3rd (I think) day of the storm, I had run out of rations. Obviously, this upset people. What was worse was I couldn't keep guards moving around the city. I had tons of raw food ready for meals… Cookhouses just wouldn't operate.

Just as all hope seemed lost, it ended. I went into that final storm with just slightly over 500 people (I turned away all the sick and injured towards the end, whoops). I ended with around 350.

I am exhausted.

Onto the next scenario.

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