Finished a deathless Survivor OTE play – tips/questions.

frostpunk 4 - Finished a deathless Survivor OTE play - tips/questions.

Took a lot of restarts, just sharing some notes that might help others and have questions too.


  • Is there any point to letting Favor get to High for the settlements? (ie, can you ask for more things/is it more efficient?)
  • I asked the Mine for Steel, the Hot Springs for mostly food/sometimes steel, and the Convicts for Wood and workers once.
  • I mostly let the Settlements do what they wanted, with the goal of getting Loyalty with them. If they are loyal to you when New London asks for your help, they'll knock out 3/4 requests, leaving you to supply the 250 steel and 5 cores.


  • Game ends as soon as you fulfill NL's help request.
  • Doesn't seem like you need more tech past tier 3 or so?
  • Scenario was enjoyable but I think there should've been a QoL improvement in letting you know when Favor recovers with each settlement so you can beg for supplies as soon as it hits Average.

In general as is standard in Survival, never build during work hours unless you're building something vital. Notes are below in case folks need help.

Day 1

  • Initial tech order was Sawmill, Handcarts, Heaters, Braziers. (I think).
  • Initial build on day 1 was a Gathering Post, Medical Post, 2x Workshops, and 2 tents.
  • Delay initial Scout until your Medical Post fills up with 5 sick folk so you can clear them out.

Day 2

  • Scout heads down to collect resources. In general this Scout is not very important until Day 7-8 when the scripted event lets you find the Hot Springs. Be efficient collecting resources, but be in place down south to start moving towards Hot Springs when you're allowed. Do not rescue any survivors.
  • Cookhouse, finish tents, additional gathering post, second medical post. At night, swap engineers from Workshop to unoccupied post.

Day 3

  • Complete quest objectives to trigger children + daily food deliveries. Build housing. Stockpile wood by building and pausing cookhouses. Gather up Steel for braziers and the shipment.

Day 4

  • Sickness is the enemy here. I ended up with 4 medical posts to prevent folks from getting gravely ill. One workshop can get you the tech you need until you stabilize. Get heaters to warm up work buildings, then get braziers for your tents.
  • When you hit High favor with NL, ask for food.

Day 5-7

  • Stabilize the sick, bring up heating and housing. Get a Thumper and then go straight towards Scout Speed increases/more scouts/warehouse efficiency.
  • When New London favor hits High again, ask for more people and you'll get safe jobs for kids.
  • When New London sends food on the night of the 7th/morning of the 8th, send the steel and cores.

Day 8+

  • From here on out NL is pretty worthless. Burn your favor with wood shipments, stockpile as much wood as you can.
  • You'll need at least one shipment of food from NL, so plan around that.
  • Find and discover the settlements ASAP.
  • Plan to send out construction crews so that you can build trading depots right after you discover settlements.
  • Unemployed workers are a food drain. Keep Outpost 11 tight – there's no room to waste food and there's actually a limited amount of jobs.
  • Get your medical tech up ASAP. 2 Infirmaries along with Bunkhouses and heating tech are a higher priority then settlements.
  • Get your trading route up with either the Convicts or Hot Springs ASAP. I think the Convicts may be a higher priority actually — you need a ton of wood to finish the routes.
  • Beg for supplies as often as you can.

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