Finished Hard with no steam hubs and no death, here are some tricks that I find useful.

frostpunk 1920x1200 strategy city builder 2018 13312 1024x640 - Finished Hard with no steam hubs and no death, here are some tricks that I find useful.

695 people survived, with extra 15 automatons, no steam hub build (or in my opinion would be much much easier.) I rushed scouts, then rushed three basic resource lvl, following by tech level, so by the time around day 10, I have the maximum extended generator range. Then I rushed automaton cost and workshop upgrades. After that, there is no hard mode anymore, 50 wood and 50 steel for one automaton… I even have my automatons to run the factory, so it spits out automatons 24/7….

Also, to fit in around 70 houses, 5 infirmary, 6 care-houses for the final storm, I planned all my buildings in 4.5 block radius. If half a house is in the heated zone, then it is heated, so… But still, that would be barely enough to fit all those stuff, so two nights before the final freeze, I tear down faithkeeper, child shelter, cookhouse and bar (sorry ladies) just to pop up my fifth infirmary and 2 additional care-houses. Well it worked.

All my other buildings are ran by automatons including workshops, so they are not heated. Since I only use main generator and around 10 heaters, I only use 2271 coal everyday. I can survive purely on 4 charcoal kiln and 2 advanced wood driller with a surplus of wood and break even on coal… That would save me another 9 steam cores. Then I also build 2 thumpers and 4 collectors, just because my citizen were complaining about coal mine collapse when I have a surplus of more than half a month of coal…

Here are some tricks that I find useful: 1. This game is like CIV, the earlier days are the most important, the benefits for better management in the first 7 days are accumulative, because the fast you develop your city, the better you will be prepared for the next weather hiccups, in turn prevent you from wasting resources just to stay alive.

  1. plan your roads wisely, it will save you a lot of woods. Since road only have to be connected to one corner of the building, there are lots of strategies to do this.

  2. Plan your research wisely, so you won't waste time. First, check if you can finish the research before the day ends (this is important, will explain next); second, check if you would have enough resource to start constructing the new building down the road when you finish your research (if you can't build it why research it); third make sure you always have resource ready to start new research right away.

Another example: if you plan to research hunting, but the research won't finish before 18:00(the time when hunters start working), then that night, hunters won't be benefited from that research, its a waste of time, better research something else first.

  1. Its best to build your city after working hours, don't start constructing buildings early in the morning (or during the day, if worker takes a break, e.g you assign them a new job), otherwise, your worker would spend hours go building stuff instead of working. It can delay your resource gathering efforts significantly. That is also why I prefer finish research before the end of the day.

  2. In early a few days, your settlers can stay homeless, its not that cold. Instead, you can use the resource to rush scouts or tech levels.

  3. slow the game down in the early days, so you can micromanage better. This makes the difference between whether you can squeeze two researches into one day and get heaters up before the cold, or you people have to sitting in cold next day for another 8 hours.

  4. check your workers, if they are sick, you can click on the worker tab and dismiss them. That way you can add healthy workers to your buildings so they would function at top levels. This is extremely important for workshops and clinics.

  5. Plan in mind that your workers would do humanly things during working hrs, such as praying, visit the cemetery, eating, etc. When you assign workers to the building, don't expect your workers to work right away, if it is an important task, keep dismissing workers until you find workers who are ready to work.

That being said, don't frequently reassign workers during working hrs, because very often, they would go do other things first, like eating or building a house. That means a huge waste a time for that bunch. They can build houses on their "free time" after 20:00.

  1. You can use roads and other buildings to force building into the smallest block possible, then tear those roads down. A little tricky to do though. That is how I squeezed all the stuff in 4 block heated zone.

  2. Amputees are a bless, sign the prosthetic law so they won't sucide, but don't give them prosthetic. When amputees live in care-houses, they eat half, and require less space.(20 people live in 2×3 vs 10 people in a house 2×2). care-houses also have better heating, they are the few buildings that are only chilly when its -235F. You want people live in care-houses and you would have more than enough workers anyway.

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