Finished Refugees on hard with no deaths and without hunters or child labor

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Finished Refugees on hard with no deaths and without hunters or child labor

I struggled a bit but I had to do some radical changes in my strat.

First, food. Refugees lacks manpower in the begging, making food an issue. I knew there were some major food sources near so I rushed Workshop and Beacon. I used my "free emergency shift" (first time no deaths) on a wood pile since I need wood to build stuff. The food I found (about 200 raw) was enough to make soup until I could send an outpost to the fishing village. That was enough until the lords came, then I added 2 industrial hothouses. At the end I was scraping with hunger every day but it was enough that they didn't starved.

Research was limited so I didn't go coal, (no emergency shifts), I went for thumpers instead, got 4 of them in the end running. I didn't go steam hubs for quite a while instead relying on heaters and central generator for housing. Overcrowding+child medical helpers + organ transplant took care of any sick quickly, 4 med post and 3 infirmaries were enough for the lord coming (100 sick people treated at the same time).


The rest of the game was me trying to reduce discontent while keeping extended shifts on thumpers and gathering houses. The upside is that I could reduce it quickly to resolve the class conflict when I need. I think it's a bug or maybe I missed something, but it said "We are divided" after I resolved it, maybe I need some different choices in events (though I heard people got the Union achievement after refusing the lords).

All in all what did it was rushing scouts and bringing the incoming refugees with them to get manpower faster. I should've probably went for a coal mine since space was really an issue on this map.

648 people saved, including the ones that wanted to die (number may vary, RNG)

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