Finished Winterhome with full dreadnought on expert

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Finished Winterhome with full dreadnought on expert

Thanks to /u/FifthRom for his/her helpful write up or his/her survivor play through.

For those who are interested, here are some details: The bottleneck is steel (I think that's obvious to all), so I built 2 automatons for the sole purpose of working nights in the steelworks and switched the outpost depot to steel very soon after discovering the location.

Law order:

  1. Radical Treatment
  2. Overcrowding
  3. Organ Transplants
  4. House of Prayer
  5. Evening Prayers
  6. Temple
  7. Shrine
  8. Extended Shift
  9. Prosthetics
  10. Faith Keepers
  11. House of Healing
  12. Protector of the Truth

Tech order:

  1. Faster Gathering
  2. More Scouts
  3. Steam Steelworks
  4. Flying Hunters
  5. Steam Coal Thumper
  6. Difference Engine
  7. Advanced Steelworks
  8. Factory

I lost track of the order at this point, but the other techs that I researched were (in no particular order): Flying Hunter Gear, House Redesign, Improved Heaters, Heater Efficiency Upgrade, Resource Depot Upgrade, Hunting Tactics.


There may be other techs that are more desirable than this last group. In fact, I had trouble with heating my houses and keeping my houses of healing open when the generator shut down, and a few people died as a result. I wish that I had researched House Insulation and perhaps the Healthcare Insulation line. Faster Outpost Teams might have been helpful for the 20% speed to the evacuation transport. I also wonder if Steam Coal Mine might have been better than Steam Coal Thumper, but thumpers worked out for me in the end at least. Now that I think about it, I could've built kilns for all the wood I had sitting around at the end of the game.

I sent my initial scouts to Shrouded Cave for the ~80 raw food even though it's pretty far away. I sent my second team to Storm Shelter to bring home the engineers, after which I had 6 workshops. Wood is tight in the mid game, so Frozen Forest is helpful. Beyond that, it's just collecting steel and steam cores.

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I find the beginning of this scenario to be painful, but I do have fun with it after that initial gathering phase. Now I just have to get the survivor achievement, for which I will NOT try to fill the dreadnought!

As always, let me know your thoughts on how this strategy can be improved.

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