First attempt at the “end-game” and let me say

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*k that was cold. Full disclaimer, a semi-fledged first attempt at the big bad storm killed everyone in days. I've tried to play a spoiler-free game so was completely unprepared for the cold, and from what I've just read it gets** a lo**t colder.

First proper attempt held a base with about 200 workers, all chugging along nicely. Temp hovering between -30 & -40, through trial and error (and the occassional mass death) finally Coal/Wood/Steel production was coming along nicely, Automatons were replacing workers in the colder areas and in general felt that I was getting on top of things. Food and coal were balanced on a knife edge in honesty, it was always a struggle to keep the base this side of warm.

First, came the warning about the refugee groups and a warning of something "Evil" coming. I didn't have the production for a full housing blockexpansion but did my best. Food and Coal were stock piled, then both the cold and the refugees hit. Temps down to -60 degrees and nearly 70 empty bellies descended within days just just as everyone in HH caught a cold, or frostbite. The sick started to pile up so I turned up my Generator up to Tier 2 which in turn sent Coal stockpiles from a knife edge to critical.

To deal with the sick, I built a couple of Infirmaries and Medical Posts staffed with the additional refugees and in general put as many of them to work as possible harvesting the essentials. But it seemed impossible, those parasites were literally eating me out of house and home while their outrageous demands going on and on about "food", "warmth" and "more than a cold ditch to die in" kept coming through lowering Hope and consistently raising Discontent when they were dispersed.


Then the second group of Refugees turned up and after much wrangling we decided to take just the healthy ones, with sickness piling up, and coal production down and with over 3/4 of the 300 odd residents down with some illness or another. It seemed a good idea at the time…

As a cold and hungry sitaution got worse, automatons worked tirelessly to provide coal and in extereme cases even medical care but once the weakest started to die from the cold and stravation it sparked a chain reaction of deaths

I watched in horror and just stopped playing to watch the colony die. The death toll mounted while the mood soured among the survivors. My Captains only saving grace at this point was that virtually everyone in the rioting crowd had at least one leg/arm or various body part removed to frostbite, so he could outrun them at least. But in the end the Generator bleched its last coal load and the heating went off, it took less than an hour for the real riots to start.

No food, no coal, no hope. Nothing. No workers meant no guards and no guards meant being thrown out of the last tepid warm place on the planet into a snowy hell.

I may have gotten a little attached to those plucky snow hares… But what a game eh Captain?

Thanks for reading and any tips appreiciated, the spoiler bandaid is truely and firmly off after seeing that particular situation play out.

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