First Playthrough SO CLOSE!!!

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - First Playthrough SO CLOSE!!!

I hadn't seen much of the full game, had only seen a few youtube videos of it and thought it reminded me of banished and i used to love that game.

On my first playthrough I managed through the game well enough for my first time playing (i didn't really understand how steam hubs worked and ended up overlapping them D: ), i chose the strength through order and discipline, now not much interesting stuff happened in the early game (except for getting the guards to politely ask the londoners to stay) so ill skip to the fist time it felt like i was going to pop a blood vessel with the stress of trying to juggle the different needs. with my already inadequate healthcare and heating i chose to take ALL of the refugees, safe to say that i was not equipped for my current pop let alone everyone coming in. storm hits and people start dying in droves (literally went from about 600 people to 250 in just under a couple days, which solved my food problem as i had nowhere near enough rations) then i got the coal mine event, happily sacrificed the 45 people to keep my coal supply (probably the only thing i had enough of) whilst desperately ordering emergency shifts in workshops to research heat upgrades, managed to stabilize my death rate with infirmaries and better heating, what i haven't mentioned is that i had been using the generator overdrive intermittently as it kept getting near explodey-death level but i couldn't afford to leave it off for too long as it overflooded my infirmaries with frostbite and illness. now i was on the last day of the storm i had about 200 people left and only one automaton which i had used on a coal mine to keep it running constantly, i got the pop up about the temp going even lower and shit myself, immediately turned on overdrive, was on about 90% ish stress level now i put on 3x speed got distracted and suddenly i got the message genny is about to blow, unfortunately i had no steam cores as i had used them on buildings and chosen to make a depot for coal instead of steam cores, but fortunately i had plenty of sacri- i mean children, so for the glory of our great order through strength and discipline the clearly not indoctrinated child bravely climbed into the generator to perform the necessary repairs even at the cost of their own life, because of this i assumed i'd get the same message again when genny stress reached 100% (my stress level went way down because i knew i had a ready supply of the sacrifices sitting in child shelters :D). i did not get another chance. it cut into a cutscene and the genny exploded.



13/10 woulc create a totalitarian society and lose 2/3 of my population again 😀

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