First Playthrough: This games blows my mind!

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So I bought this game months ago but didn't really have the time to try it myself, though I heard people saying how you make decisions normally you wouldn't. Finally today got the time to do a playthrough today – took me 6.9 hours (it has to be 6.9 /shrug) but I am done.

Anyhow, this game really blows my mind, especially in making you to make those decision on what to do and what to sacrifice. I am one of those people who thought "I am going to be a Saint" – and by and large I'd say I tried really hard to do so….until I know about the storm at the end.

Thing is, while I did watched some guides, they are mostly just beginning of the game so I have no idea what to expect.

Being the good guy I saved all the refugees – except the most important city aka Tesla City – The foolish me was scared and refused to explore the city – so I was stuck with a very limited stock of Steam Cores and around 5 automatons (which I mostly put to Coal mines since I was always low on Coal). I also didn't realize the ~3700 food supplies I have to gather in 7 days, and I was foolish enough earlier to think that having enough to sustain like 1-2 days should be enough, which I nearly failed to do. Thank goodness I crunched it out with some last minute effort.

But the elephant in the room is of course the final storm.


Jesus Christ -120c. What the actual F***.

I didn't stock up enough coal at all and I was absolutely panicking in building Charcoal Kiln and Coal Thumper (I didn't have the Steam cores to build actual mines – silly me) in the last week, along with the food crunch. Thank god I have stocked up a load of Steel and Wood so I manage to just slip London through.

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But man, what a game – was great from the start till the end. Gonna try out the scenarios now, hopefully less of a fail than this playthrough, lol. Manage to save around 650-680 people at the end I think? Only 1 suicided and I think thats it.

P.S. I only know after I finished the game there are some sort of "good"/"ok"/"bad" ending. I tried being the good guy but I was really desperate towards the end so I introduced laws up to Public Penance and Righteous Denunciation (I was on the Faith Tree), but ultimately refused to use the trump card of the final 2 (New Faith and Protector of the truth) so I think I got the "We have gone too far" ending?

I somehow remember there are something more to it as well, something like "But I was wary of the line" – if someone could tell me which ending I got, I'd appreciate it since I didn't really pay attention at the time – after all I was panicking for the last hour or so 😛

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