Food Additives is affected by difficulty – from about 3.5% to about 6.5% sick per day

frostpunk 2 - Food Additives is affected by difficulty - from about 3.5% to about 6.5% sick per day

The difficulty setting in question is "People's Needs" which can affect how easily they get sick. On easy your population will have about 3.5% sick per day, and on extreme it'll have about 6.5% sick.

The Experiment

Primarily, I needed to ensure that no one would get sick from other causes, and an easy way to tabulate the numbers. To do this, I played Serenity with easy economy and society's attitude. I played until approximately 30 days (after the second storm) so I could get the majority of my city completely upgraded, as autonomous as possible, and New Faith passed so that the deaths caused by my experiment wouldn't end it prematurely. For good measure, I ensured none of my population ventured into unheated areas. I did not pass Dueling. I didn't use any abilities during my tabulation, including Public Penance. I did not have any additional supply for food rations – so was stuck at 300 max.

Then, at the end of the 2nd storm, at 5:00 am I passed food additives, turned off all my medical, and let people eat, get sick, and die. I logged how many total in my population and how many were currently sick at 5:00 am every day. I let that run for a varying number of days (typically until the next storm but with overdrive you can get through a storm without the storm causing sickness)

To get the actual number, we need to look at how much of the healthy, eating population gets sick in a day. The healthy, eating population is our total population minus our automatons, scouts, and currently sick, as none of these three groups can get sick. In terms of numbers, those additionally getting sick are those who are currently sick minus those who were sick at the beginning of the day, plus those who died (they were sick at the beginning of the day too).

I ran this 5 times – twice on an Easy "People's Needs" setting and three times on an Extreme "People's Needs" setting. To ensure that there isn't an snapshotting of the rate (i.e. that the number is determined when you start a scenario) each run was an entirely separate run through. The results are the following:

RunDays RanHealthy Person DaysSicknessesPercent

Note: By "Healthy Person Days" I mean each day a single person is healthy. If I had 749 healthy people at the start of day 31 and 736 healthy people at the start of day 32, that'd be 749+736=1485 "Healthy Person Days."

Note 2: This metric is "sick per day" and not "sick per meal" although given that (I think) people generally eat once per day, no matter the difficulty, it should generally transfer. If it does, you can consider "Healthy Person Days" to mean "Meals eaten by Healthy People"

Note 3: There is some underreporting by this method. Having 300 regular meals to start, the first 300 to eat will not get sick. I did note lower numbers on my first day to confirm this. It would amount to 10-20 more sicknesses per run. This could bump the numbers up to about 3.75% to 6.75%. I don't know if there's a way around this, as the only way would be to start with 0 food rations, which will likely cause people to get hungry/starving, which could change their eating habits and therefore potentially over-report.

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