Frost Punk is not set on Earth (Theory)

frostpunk 2 - Frost Punk is not set on Earth (Theory)

Frost Punk is a survival management style game supposedly set in the 19th century. The phenomenon known as the frost has covered the world and has killed the majority of the population save a few groups of survivors (including you). Britain, having foreknowledge of the coming of the Frost, decides to build “Generators”. These structures use coal as fuel to generate heat which is used to keep you and the other survivors alive. Throughout the game as you explore with scouts (you can explore the frozen wasteland with these scouts), you learn about the lore. On one of these expeditions, you learn that the cause of this frost is because of the sun dimming. I want to explore the ramifications of what that really means.

One way that the sun could dim, is the atmosphere itself drastically changing. A way that this could happen is air pollution. Air pollution makes a lot of sense in this case as it is the 19th century, the heart of the industrial revolution. However we survived the industrial revolution and our world isn't covered in snow, so I believe it is something else.

I believe Frost Punk takes place in another world a billion or so years in the future. I believe the world they are in now is Saturn around when the sun (now a red giant) is starting to collapse (dying).

Now let me explain. We are now in the far far future, past when the earth was devoured by the sun (when the sun turned into a red giant). People have moved on and set out to explore the stars. Only problem was, the stars were too far away. Anyone sent out was never heard from again. Light speed was too slow for any reliable communication. So they set out for a new earth but they were limited to the solar system.

So they choose Saturn. Why Saturn? Well when the sun expands, so does its habitable zone. This leaves two planets. Jupiter and Saturn. However due to the very strong gravity of Jupitar (24.75 m/s), it was inhabitable, so they go with Saturn who has a more manageable gravity (10.44m/s), only a little stronger than earths. The only problem now is the atmosphere. 75% hydrogen, and 25% helium. But that could be reworked with terraforming.


Terraforming on a global scale takes a long long time, so when the planet is finally ready, most of the human population has died off. They lost a lot of knowledge over the vast amount of time it took to terraform. But know they had the fruit of their labour. A habitable Saturn. So they live there for a few thousand years trying to rebuild society. Even naming some countries after the ancient ones, like Britain and America. But all good things come to an end.

The sun is now starting to collapse in on itself. The end of the red giant phase. The sun now is truly dying. While it collapses so does the habitable zone, leaving Saturn out in the cold. And this is now where the game takes place.

TLDR: Frost punk is set on Saturn on the edge of the habitable zone of our dying sun a few billion years in the future


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Frostpunk - Frost Punk is not set on Earth (Theory)

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giant red stars may heat frozen worlds into habitable planets - Frost Punk is not set on Earth (Theory)

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