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A strange title to be certain, but one I send out in hopes of getting a few tips or suggestions.

I am a Dungeon Master of a year's experience and while i have run some very fun games, I now seek to run a more serious setting. Hence, after some deliberation, I have decided to attempt Frostpunk Dungeons and Dragon setting.

The basis of the idea is formed around the setting of a post-game world by about 5 years after The Storm. Following New London's survival, the people there began to expand outward and reclaim Tesla City and Winterhome. Despite success and a fair flow of refugees, ideological conflicts begin to grow and internal conflict threatens to become very much open. Winterhome dives into the path of religion and faith during a storm period, while Tesla City dives into Despotism and Order. All the while both report to New London and tug for allegiance, as the capital holds as the middle ground. During such technology advances and the temperature drops, while mysterious people and powers begin appearing among the refugees.

I hope for the party to dive into a world where their enemies will be Steampunk contraptions, political enemies and worst of all, the Frost.

I've come here seeking any ideas provided by you wonderful people, like potential characters or settlements, maybe even monsters if you so desire. All is welcome.

Thank you for your time -TheClone

Edit: As per request, I shall shuffle in a guidelines and my own personal work so far.


•Characters: They can be from the Frostpunk setting or the Standard DnD races. The DnD aspect comes from the idea that Magic was kept hidden from humanity for centuries and that what few magical beings are left are now trying to escape to the Frostlands. As such, the year will be 1893 AD and hold up to its Steampunk aesthetic. Any characters can come from Winterhome, Tesla City, New London or one of your custom cities and the other cities in the other scenarios, which will be distant settlements far from New London. Alternatively, they can come from the Refugee flow.


•Monsters: Any monster that would fit the setting, be it from your own personal work or from DnD. Expanding this roster will help me further along encounters for my party.

•Cities: Must be a city from a saved game of your own or nominated from another if you want. The Steam Cities will be treated as distant but independent city-states that follow their own laws and ideologies. Like all Steam Cities, none know about the existence of magic, but can be affected by it.

•Random: Frostpunk tips that translate well into lore or stories maybe, anything that can help me flesh out the setting.

-Personal Additions:

•Monsters: So far I have made:

Underworkers (Six-Legged Gear Automatons) that are tiny and very crude, made to maintain and fix problems. Ultimately abandoned by New London due to lack of intellegence and worker accidents, a number still roam under the city.

Gearspiders (Four-Legged Gear Automatons) that are small but not tiny, smarter than Underworkers and usually attached to Automatons to help them with labor. Dangerous in groups but generally harmless.

Steam Guards (Humanoid Automaton) are mechanical machines meant to replace human guards. New London tentatively keeps them, but is considering decommissioning them over worker concerns. Tesla City in the meantime deploys them in mass, usually not for the better.

•Cities: None so far, besides an idea based around a place called "Sanctuary".

•Characters: The Lord-Captain Henry Arborson, leader of New London and the Frostlands. A fair man who refuses to turn to despotism and fanaticism, he is a man who has to live through multiple of the worst crisis ever thrown at mankind. Not a man to mess with.

More will be in the works.

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