Frostpunk has been one of the most emotional games I’ve played.

frostpunk 1 - Frostpunk has been one of the most emotional games I've played.

The lore is so good and the game mechanic is so immersive that I started making churchill speeches about how my people would endure when the storm hit.

I'm going to start playing the scenarios next.


(This part is a response to a user and I felt like I should add this to the OP because it contains more of my insight about the game.)

My first playthrough was a bust because I was so excited to find winterhome thinking there was another city I could trade with. My hope freefall dropped after discovering what happened to winterhome and I got exiled as a result.

My second playthrough was more eventful and I learned from my first mistake. I had no idea what the storm was, all I knew was that I saw 3 consecutive temp drops and I immediately started stockpiling coal and made several automatons. I didn't know food rations was crucial though but fortunately I had a lot of raw food. As the temperature started to drop, I closed more and more buildings because they were inoperational due to the cold.

Throughout the storm I was upgrading my bunkhouses into houses and with the music in the background that's when I started making my speeches lol

I was imagining my people working through the cold desperately trying to build better insulated shelters getting frosbite as a result. My discontent was full but I had a modicum of hope. I thought the people were going to revolt and depose me and I was even making concessions in my head going in the lines of: "You've trusted me so far and replacing me won't change the situation. If this storm does kill us then you might as well trust me to the end and die with me."


Frostpunk changed my views on how I see people should be organized. When everything is fine, then it's alright to have an egalitarian society – but when shit hits the fan and survival means working together and being ruthless then I'd definitely do what I did in frostpunk. In the game I refused the third wave of refugees because 50 of them were gravely ill and only 10 of them were healthy. That was just unreasonable. My Clinics were already full despite having overcrowding. I had to only take the healthy ones.

WIth the whole corona virus going on, I was aggravated by my country's policy of curfews and restriction on travel because I didn't take the virus too seriously. After finishing the game, I understand now what they're trying to do. Some freedoms have to be sacrificed during moments of crises so that there's a future to look forward to.

Frostpunk taught me lessons much like civ 5 did. I was the kind of guy who questioned why the US has to dedicate so much resources on the military when it could be spent on hospitals or schools. After civ 5 I understand now why. People are out to get you and countries are just a larger group of people. It's amazing how games can change a person's perspective.

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