Frostpunk is an unbelievably good game!

frostpunk city 1024x576 - Frostpunk is an unbelievably good game!

This game is unbelievably good! And it really carries over alot of the magic that made "This War of Mine" a masterpiece.

I just survived "A New Home" for the first time, with the bells clining every second of people dying as the temperature drops further and further. At the complete crisis point in the end, the game gets so dramatic and intense that I started to sweat really bad. The epic music rages, more people dying, the cold getting completely unbearable and every life sustaining factory shutting down. With the generator on 100% with overdrive on and about to explode, people are still freezing to death inside isolated homes.


Rarely have I ever experienced such intense and immersive gameplay. Not to mention the unspeakably hard choices you have to make to protect your people.

This game have me completely in awe! Thank you 11 Bit ?

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