Frostpunk New Home Survivor Golden Path 2020 Edition

frostpunk 3 - Frostpunk New Home Survivor Golden Path 2020 Edition

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I was achievement hunting and had Golden Path and Survivor for New Home left. I thought I would try to knock them both out in one run.

I didn't know if my laws and handling of the scripted events would qualify as there is a lot of conflicting info on the web about Golden Path.

I managed to create my first video of the final storm and rolling credits just in case I got the achievements. Video posted here:
eLmTD RzWeE - Frostpunk New Home Survivor Golden Path 2020 Edition

I tried to avoid any deaths that can be controlled such as hunger, sickness, and scripted deaths (example: House of Healing). I tempted the fates at the possible death scout locations and risk a few survivors in pursuit of success.

I’ll try my best at describing what worked for me. I know I wasn’t perfect and probably have made some assumptions and/or decisions that are incorrect/sub-optimal. I welcome feedback in order to better support this awesome community and game.

Research Order for the first few days: Beacon, Steam Hub, Drawing Boards, Hothouse, Steelworks, Wall Drill, Coal Thumpers. After that, key techs were Outpost and then Engineer Automatons.

First laws were Sustain Life, Overcrowding, and Soup. I tried rushing engineering apprentices in other attempts, but sickness gets out of control too quickly on Survivor difficulty.

My previous Golden Path attempts that used Faith Keepers, Emergency Shift (used on piles only and had no deaths), and Extended Shift while never triggering a ‘crisis’ event were unsuccessful at triggering Golden Path so I decided to ignore all three this run. Faith Keepers might be okay if you don’t abuse their power with some of the Londoner events, but I’m not certain.

Contrary to many, Overcrowding, Corpse Disposal, and Organ Transplants are allowed for Golden Path which is great for dealing with sickness on Survivor difficulty. Soup and Moonshine are allowed as well.

I attempted the first 3 – 12 days about a half dozen times perfecting the start as it requires specific timing including getting the Crash Site as the first scout location. Trying not to get someone killed from hunger or getting a gravely ill person which consumes a precious spot in a medical post are key to the start. Some of my tips below might be overkill, but without Pause and/or Reloading games, I make so many little mistakes that these little efficiency improvements helped me out in the long run. I’ve done plenty of extreme runs and didn’t have to do half of the stuff below to survive.

Generic Tips:

I built only during off-work hours as every second of work is needed without emergency/extended shifts. I tried building the workshop on the first day but the lack of resources for a few extra hours of research was not worth it.

I pulled hunters from huts after they supplied their food in the morning and would repurpose them for building and/or a few work hours in the evening (they ‘rest after the hunt’ during the day). I would re-populate the huts usually after the nightly build was completed.

Research, research, research. After the sick is taken care of, there were a few exceptions where my engineers were not in workshops. I built extra workshops so I can double duty engineers. For example, building an automaton in the factory in the morning and then moving them to a workshop in the afternoon to help with research. No one sick? Pulled my engineers out of the med post or infirmary and into spare workshops. Rush Engineering Automatons, you can basically call it a day after you get that.

Start dismantling/pause your cookhouse if you see hungry workers going to eat instead of building/working. Although this can lead to workers getting more sick due to hunger, the resources or build time usually outweighs the sickness chance.

Pause/restart building to get closer workers to build it. Too many times you start building two buildings right next to each other and the first building completes and the builders for the 2nd building are still half way across the city; pausing/restarting building on the 2nd building will usually reassign the workers who just finished the first building to now immediately start building the 2nd.

Figure out how to get as much stuff under as few steam hubs as possible. I can get 10 workshops and wall drill together, or a wall drill, 2 child shelters, and 4 hothouses, or 2 steel works, 7 GPs, and 2 thumpers under one.

Never waste resources to build Resource Depots to hold Wood or Steel. Use unfinished Med Posts and Steam Hubs instead. Simply cancel the build when you need the Wood or Steel.

Sickness Tips:

Double duty engineers in workshops during the day and into spare med posts during the night if sickness overpopulates your existing med posts. You don’t want anyone to get gravely ill from lack of treatment as they will take up a precious spot in your med post until Infirmaries are passed. Usually spots open up in your main med posts by 8:00 so when you move the engineers back into the workshop (and you should), the sick have a spot in the main med posts. Early game, I always had at least 1 post fully employed 24 hours as getting your few workers back on their feet working and out of the med post as soon as possible is helpful. I always made sure I had at least 5 healthy engineers in a workshop during the day.

If someone does get gravely ill and you are at max population in your posts, remove the engineers and add them back in so the gravely ill person can get a spot in the post and does not die.

Engineers are precious. If they do have to work outside of med posts and workshops, make sure they get the warmest workplaces. For example, put them in your gathering posts and put your workers on the piles.

For the first couple of weeks, never, ever build after midnight. Even 1 minute of building after midnight will cause extra sickness which you cannot afford. Use the evening 18:00-23:59 and morning 5:00 – 7:59 to build. Since you can’t pause on Survivor, make sure to give yourself enough time to pause all building prior to midnight.

Heat is healthcare. Temperature of where you work, when you are work matters. Temperature of homes matter when you are home. Thus:

Turn on overdrive during non-working hours (17:59 until 8:01). Many people only turn on overdrive from midnight until 5, but this is a mistake and may lead to more people sick. If you weren’t doing Golden Path and were using Extended Shifts, you only need overdrive from 19:59 – 6:01 which is another kick in the ___ for the Golden Path challenge. It does not seem to matter the temperature of where people are building during the non-working hours (expect freezing/frostbite), but more testing in this area is needed.

Only time you shouldn't be using overdrive at night is when your houses are already bright red ‘comfortable’ living conditions or if you need to conserve overdrive for a coming temp drop. If you see a temp drop coming and will need overdrive to handle it, make sure you conserve enough the night or two before.

I don’t have the exact testing down but having tents chilly during working hours does not contribute much towards sickness. I think it only effects hunters and children not in shelters but not for certain. However, having tents cold/freezing during the day will cause a lot of people to be sick.

Starving people have a much higher chance of becoming ill (if illness chance is not zero due to home/work temperature). Try to keep your people fed as even hungry people have a higher chance then fed people.

Contrary to some, but my testing has shown being homeless does not affect the chance of being sick. I think the differences people have observed were due to just the +1 temperature difference of having a tent or not during their non-work hours. Or it could have been something 11 bit changed along the way.

Scouting Tips:

Always try to go to a known site first and then to the new site as scouts move faster to known sites.

Outpost teams move fast and can lay down a faster scouting path to discovered (but not visited) sites. Although you can’t abuse the dismantle/assemble outpost trick to send more transports anymore, you can use the time in between the daily transports to have your outpost team visit discovered sites. Example: Your scout team just visited Freshwater Springs and Discovered Frozen Cove and Snow Cliff locations. The scouts have to escort the survivors home first before moving on to the new sites. Quickly dissemble your Coal outpost and send them to the two new sites and then right back to the coal outpost just in time to re-assemble and send the next day’s coal transport.

Beginning Scout Order:

Crash site (return home with resources), Lost Expedition (send them on their way as I’ve never had anyone die from this spot), Sturdy Shelter (return home with resources), Bridge (dismantle automaton), Weather Station, Coal Mine (keep intact), Convoy (escort home)



Below are detailed notes mostly for the first two weeks. A got a little sloppy recording the exact dates my research occurred on, but the order of the research is correct. Research time will vary nevertheless as because it will depend slightly on how well you can keep your workshops staffed.

Begin Day 1: Pass Sustain Life, put 6 on steel, rest on wood

End Day 1: Build Med Post (MP) – fully staffed when first sick arrive after midnight, 8 tents, Workshop (WS). Remember, don’t build from midnight – 5:00 but make sure your tents are completed by midnight! Build your workshop last just to be safe as you can always finish it in the morning (you’ll be building a gathering post in the morning as well).

Begin Day 2: Pass Overcrowding law. Build Gathering Post (GP) by one of the 2 Wood, 1 Steel piles. Put 15 workers on steel, 5 eng in WS, 5 eng in MP, rest in GP (engineers first) and then finally wood piles. Research Beacon.

End Day 2/Begin Day 3: Build WS, 2xGP (one by 2 Wood 1 steel pile, and other by coal/steel pile), cookhouse, and hunters hut (hh). 5 eng in MP, rest in WS. Put workers in GP and wood piles.

Day 3: Pull 1 worker off wood pile around 11:45 and into cookhouse to prevent starving people from eating raw food. At 14:00 pass Soup law, switch cookhouse to soup and put 3 more workers (4 total) in cookhouse. You’ll need all your food cooked by end of the workday. When they finish cooking, put them back on wood. Research Steam Hub when Beacon is finished.

End Day 3: Build Beacon (remember don’t pull workers early to start building beacon or you will run out of resources for other things). Staff hunters hut and beacon when beacon completes. Use sick people as scouts for beacon. Hope you have Crash Site as first scout location or start over.

Begin Day 4: Turn on heat around 6:00 to prepare for temp drop. Turn on overdrive from 6:59 until 8:01. I observed a bunch of people sick after 8:00 and I’m not sure if it was due to overdrive shutting off with the cold weather or the hunters returning from the hunt (I think it is the later). Need more testing next time around. No workers should be working on piles for now on.

Day 4: Pass Child Shelters Law and Research Drawing Boards.

End Day 4/Begin Day 5: Build MP, GP by 2x coal, Child shelter (CS), Steam hub (should cover your workshops, child shelter, and cookhouse at the very least),

Day 5: Pass Engineering Apprentices, Research Hothouse

End Day 5/Begin Day 6: Build GP by 2x coal, 1x MP, 4 tents for Lost Expedition survivors), Steamhub for tents, WS, CS, HH (build HH, tents, and MP first). Staff based on needs (number sick, hunger, coal, etc).

Day 6: Pass Snow Pit, Research Steelworks

End Day 6/Begin Day 7: Build 2x Hothouses, GP (by last coal piles), MP, 1-2 WS depending on #sick

Day 7: Pass Organ Transplants, Research Wall Drill

End Day 7/Begin Day 8: Build 3x Steelworks

Day 8: Pass Fighting Pit, Research Coal Thumper

End Day 8/Begin Day 9: Build fighting pit. Wood is getting tight. Make sure to save enough wood for future research and building wood drill when steam cores from scouting returns.

Day 9: Researched Med Post +. I really would like to push Drafting Machines->Outpost but can’t afford the wood

End Day 9/Begin Day 10: Thumper+GP, xWS (if spare engineers)

Day 10: Researched Heaters although something else probably would have been better here as I rarely used heaters until end game.

End Day 10/Begin Day 11: 2x tents, xWS (if spare engineers)

End Day 11/Begin Day 12: Finally get to research Drafting Machines! Build 6x tents, xWS for new engineers.

End Day 12/Begin Day 13: 3xtents, MP, Steam hub, xGP for thumper, xWS for spare engineers.

Day 13: Pass Public Hose law but you will wait until after discovering Winterhome to build for the hope bonus. Research Outpost. I was completed scouting all locations except Winterhome so I sent them there. If for some reason you are not done scouting, wrap up whatever your scouts are doing and send them to Winterhome as you want them there by 10:00 on Day 15 by the latest to avoid the scripted death.

End Day 13/Begin Day 14: Research More Scouts. Build 2 Outpost (finish one by midnight). Send one outpost team to coal outpost. My sick was getting a little crazy by this point and I needed to get my city warmer as soon as possible.

End Day 14/Begin Day 15: Research Power Upgrade. Create 2nd scout and 2nd outpost team and send them east to get to Tesla and then Icebound Dreadnought for new outposts as soon as possible (see scouting tips section).

Day 15: Pass Care House but don’t build it yet. Discover Winterhome before 10:00. Pass House of Prayer. Research Steel Steamworks as we will need the steel for research and automatons.

End Day 15/Begin Day 16: Build Public Hose, Care house, 4x House of Prayers. Trigger Sermon at 5:00 and keep on top of it whenever it refreshes. Completing all 3 quests plus the Sermon provide a good start to restoring your hope and keeping the Londoners from leaving.

End Day 16: Build 2x Steam Steelworks

That sums up the detailed day to day events. If I get inspired and get enough people wanting it, I can create a video showing the first few days as they are the toughest.

Future laws – Shrines, Evening Prayers, Temple (keep on top of those refreshes), Moonshine. I waited to pass Prosthetics as I was hoping to get a hope bonus from an event, but I managed to sway all Londoners before that. I passed Prosthetics when I got the automaton accident.

Future Research – Goal is to get Engineering Automatons as fast as possible after this, but it might be a balancing act with resources and temp drops on how fast you can get it. My order was: Generator Efficiency, Factory (non-stop automaton building after this), Automaton Integration, Faster Gathering, Infirmary, Difference Engine, Engineer Automation. After this, filling out the rest of the tree is pretty straight forward. Pretty sure I went Steam Thumpers, Advanced Steelworks, and the Housing line immediately after (I recall housing was tight with the upcoming temp drops and had to use overdrive during the day to finish them up to avoid freezing).

Other Notes:

I did initially rely on hothouses and industrial hothouses with a few regular hunters huts for food, but once my population exceeded work places I transitioned to Flying Hunters and used the hothouse cores for better wall drills so I could have enough wood to give away prior to the storm (1460).

To my dismay, I lost scouts at both the Gloomy Cave and Tesla City and a couple of survivors from the Gloomy Cave die before I could get my replacement scouts to them. I don’t think I could have avoided one of the Gloomy Cave survivor deaths as it looked like he/she immediately died the second they left for the city on their own (even if I had my backup scouts already there it would not have mattered). Other than that, I had no other deaths.

I took a passive, nice approach for all events including not banishing anyone, only used clerics to help with vandalism (we prayed for his assailant), no one left for London, and accepted all survivors. I had ‘Chilly Homes’ crisis once or twice that I ignored. I had a Need Food crisis that I promised to feed everyone, but I did not promise to create a stockpile of food. I gave away all the wood and food that was demanded and stolen. I even let the cooks continue stealing food which was a pain but nothing that 6 cookhouses with automatons and a fleet of Flying Hunters couldn’t fix.

For the storm, I had 26 Infirmaries fully staffed and left 4 automatons working on coal, although probably could have just dismantled them for more infirmaries. For other runs, I usually pulled workers out of workplaces except for Infirmaries/Houses of Healing during the storm. For this run, I realized some workplaces are actually warmer than houses so it is beneficial to have some of them at work over home. Either way I don’t think it matters much as long as you have the tech tree completed.

I also disabled the Public House during the storm to prevent anyone from going to it.

Many thanks to Crystal Dazz (throwsawaymy), DDRJake, and Katsu2881 for inspiring me. Thanks to 11 bit studios for creating an awesome game. Stay warm fellow frostpunks.

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