Frostpunk no purpose law passed ending

frostpunk 3 - Frostpunk no purpose law passed ending

I don't know how to post video on reddit, So I uploaded it on

. Watch first then discuss.

The ending text was :

  1. We started as small society, Small refugees
  2. 80 People, No food, Old Habits
  3. When sickness hit us, we refuse to give up on anyone
  4. And everyday was a struggle so we adapted
    1. Children Helping the sick
    2. Shelter for kids
    3. Prosthesis for the amputees
    4. Care Houses
  5. Yet I Think we haven't crossed the line


  1. I have never seen other text than just refugees for any no severe law ending. I found no clue either on what triggers this text
  2. For the "No food" part, i guess i kinda made them hungry for a couple of days, my intention was not to let them be hungry at all, maybe this can be improved on my next runs. But my concern is not whether this text is unavoidable, but is it triggered by what I did. Also Old Habits, I thought not passing the Public House / Moonshine will not make this text appear. I've done it before but it would show up no matter if i pass this law or not, maybe any idea what does 'old habits' mean?
  3. This is obviously from sustain life law which i have to take for reason no.4
  4. Adaptation. If you didn't know, how the mechanic works, it is basically list down all your law passed from the most severe to less severe. This is the main goal of my 'pointless' runs to exhaust the list of law that would be shown at the end.
    1. I think I can avoid the law altogether I didn't have to pass this law since it didn't give me any hope bonus
    2. Shelter for kids, is necessary to get the hope bonus also for the permanent hope
    3. Prosthesis is also may be avoided on future runs, I signed the law just to prevent deaths from amputees suicide, but then turns out i didn't get anybody amputated or even gravely ill
    4. Care houses is also for hope bonus
    5. Before this run I also notice that not only the law affect these text, but also the game play. For example, if you treat someone on a medical post, it will shows "Flimsy Medical Tents" If you let your people get cold it will says "Cold Homes". If you have people sick and without treatment (especially on the mass exodus part of the game) you can get "Masses of sick" even without overcrowding law.
  5. Regular, no discussion here
  6. Here is the part which surprises me. It is usually "Faith/Order gives us strength, We Survived" But what if you don't pass any purpose law, then nothing pops up. What do you guys think about this? Is this a bleak ending where they do survived physically, but they are without purpose, keep on living without seeing an end. Or is it a greater ending, where they are filled with hope right after the storm passes and doesn't have to lie to themselves to convince themself that in order to live, they just need hope and not order and/faith?

I also know about the strategy of being a maniac leader where you turn down the generator, inactivate their houses, reduce the stockpile of their food. So they would ask/beg for them and you can easily provide them with their needs and get a hope bonus every time you fulfill your promise. But i haven't found any realizable way/strategy to execute this macro management without it ended up backfiring to me.

Any other veteran wants to share about their 'pointless' and ridiculous runs?

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