Frostpunk – On The Edge – Survivor Mode – Strategy and Guide

frostpunk 5 - Frostpunk - On The Edge - Survivor Mode - Strategy and Guide


I love Frostpunk, I have 1300 hours of play time and all achievements, so I thought I would write a SURVIVOR guide for On The Edge. There are a million ways to successfully finish On The Edge. I have tried many runs with different strategies. You can do it with Coal Mine or Coal Thumper, medium or minimal population, fully upgraded outposts or not. Below is a strategy that is fairly easy and gives a great outcome on SURVIVOR mode. Enjoy.

High Level Strategy

  • Manage shipments to New London carefully, wait until New London gives you something (like Extended Shifts)
  • Manage the sick initially, but let some people die of hunger before establishing Hot Springs, and replenish those people with scout exploration, this will save on food (you only need 115-120 people at any given time if you put kids to work on all jobs)
  • You will need the survivors from Crumbling Hut and Nansen's, but NOT from Victim's Colony
  • Establish Hot Springs as quickly as possible, eventually upgrade to level 4 with safe route
  • Establish Shipwreck Camp as quickly as possible, eventually upgrade to level 4 with safe route
  • Establish Children's Mine only after you have a good economy going and only upgrade to level 2 or 3, no need for safe route
  • Go for Coal Mine (and eventually Advanced Coal Mine) as your coal production source (although I did Hard Mode with coal thumper, both are viable)
  • Make sure to get Hot Springs and Shipwreck Camp up to Loyal status, this will help tremendously when you save New London
  • Use emergency shifts whenever possible (depending on discontent)
  • Important: Every single day, manage the sick and make sure that there are no (or few as possible) sick people working on the Army Warehouse
  • Always trade coal and meals for wood with Shipwreck Camp whenever the option is available
  • Stockpile 3000 coal, manage coal carefully with heaters and brazier locations and heat levels, you should be able to get through the whole game with just 3 braziers and heaters
  • Go for "Save London" option, a loyal Hot Springs will send food, a loyal Shipwreck Camp will send 50 people

Technology Path

note: some of these choices are driven by available resources at the time, not by what is necessarily best to research

  • Braziers, Sawmill, Faster Gathering, Heaters, Drawing Boards, Coal Mine, Drafting Machines, Freight Elevators, Medical Post Upgrade, Infirmary, More Scouts, Lighter Scout Sleds, Improved Heaters, Bunkhouses, Efficient Burners, Mechanical Calculators, Steam Coal Mine, Army Warehouse Insulation, Improved Blowers, Infirmary Mechanisation, Wooden Supports, Difference Engine, Straddle Carriers, Advanced Heaters, Automatic Prototyping, Steam Lorries, Advanced Coal Mine, Advanced Burners, Coal Mining Optimisation, Coal Mining Rationalisation, House, House Redesign, Heater Efficiency Upgrade, Cookhouse Insulation, House Insulation, Infirmary Checklist


  • Extended Shift (passed by New London), Soup, Child Labour Safe Jobs, Fighting Arena, Moonshine, Child Labour All Jobs, Sustain Life, Overcrowding, House of Pleasure, Dueling Law, Ceremonial Funerals

Detailed Walkthrough (Day 1 to Hot Springs)

Note: you can skip this walkthrough and go to the Mid-Game and End-Game advice below

Day 1

  • put 15 workers on steel pile, the rest on wood, none on coal
  • remove all the roads for extra wood, leave only the road to the beacon, remove even the road around the center and to the steel pile
  • once you have 15 wood and 5 steel, take 5 engineers off work and immediately build a Workshop and research Brazier, then switch 5-7 workers off of steel and on to wood
  • as soon as you have 40 wood, send out a scout team to the south east to Collapsed Building, then Stone Wall, and eventually return home with the resources

Evening 1

  • build 7 tents for everyone and their corresponding roads (if you did the above right, you should have just enough wood)
  • when the challenge pops up select "I'll build shelter for everyone" for a nice Hope bonus

Day 2

  • it still warm enough to gather directly from piles, put 5 workers on steel pile, 15 on coal, rest on wood
  • when you have 15 wood and 5 steel, take 10 engineers off work and build a second Workshop and put those 5 engineers to work there
  • with the other 5 engineers, build a medical depot (make sure the first 5 engineers are researching first) and put those 5 engineers at work in the medical depot
  • by the end of Day 2, you should have finished researching Braziers, if not, you should start over now becuase the sick will snowball
  • once Brazier is finished, start researching sawmill

Evening 2

  • build cookhouse, assign 1 worker
  • build two braziers to cover your whole town, but only turn on one of them that covers most houses and not the cookhouse
  • by now, your scout should reach Stone Wall and be on his way back home with resources
  • take everyone off of any piles, put a couple workers on the cookhouse

Day 3

  • when the cold hits, turn on the second brazier that covers the cookhouse
  • you don't want anyone working directly on piles, have everyone just sit at home doing nothing and wait for the scout to arrive with wood, he should arrive before noon
  • after the scout arrives, build 3 gathering posts: 1- northwest coal pile and wood, 2- northeast coal pile and wood, 3- near the beacon
  • put workers in the gathering posts
  • when you run out of raw food, assign the cookhouse worker to gathering post
  • build a second medical post and put a couple engineers in it
  • note that you will probably have a 2-3 people die at this point from lack of treatment, that's ok, as long as it's only 2-3 people
  • when the sawmill research is complete, build a sawmill to the northeast next to gathering post

Evening 3

  • you might run out of coal before the morning, recommend turning off the brazier that covers the cookhouse, but keep as many homes warm as possible
  • the sick should be under control, less than 10 sick being cared for in two medical posts
  • scout should be at Crumbling Den, then on to Crumbling Hut

Day 4

  • 15 workers on the cold steel pile, it will only be for a short time, so they shouldn't get too sick
  • 10 workers on sawmill and rest on gathering posts focusing on coal (the gathering post to the northeast gathers coal more quickly)
  • if you have 5 or less sick, make sure to re-assign the engineers from the Medical Post to the Workshop
  • when you have 10 wood, research Faster Gathering (you can't afford to wait for 50 wood for Drawing Board at this point)
  • when the steel pile is depleted, assign the workers to the gathering posts favoring coal (northeast)

Evening 4

  • build the Administration building and Transport Depot and road to the Army Warehouse
  • build the road to the Army Warehouse, you should have JUST ENOUGH wood for this (I had zero wood left)
  • assign 20 workers to Army Warehouse, rest on the coal gathering post favoring northeast first, you won't have enough workers for the sawmill
  • when New London contacts you, make sure to ask for food right away
  • at this point you should have less than 5 people sick and a population over 60 (I had 61 people)
  • you should have enough coal to last you the night
  • the scout will reach Crumbling Hut during the night, escort the survivors back home
  • by morning, if you have more than 5 sick, put some engineers to work in the 2nd Medical Post (I had 9 sick)

Day 5

  • you have a lot of incoming people (admins, children, survivors) so priority is to build 5 tents, need a lot of wood
  • you don't need coal because the next day will be warm
  • when the weather gets warm, turn off the braziers
  • assign 10 healthy workers to sawmill, 10 to gathering post near the beacon (wood and steel) and the rest on the Army Warehouse
  • when the raw food arrives, assign a couple of healthy worker to the cookhouse, you will have many hungry people
  • New London will pass the Emergency Shift law, don't use it yet
  • at this point you will have many sick people, most of them kids, I debated letting the kids die (I know, cruel), but this would probably wreak havoc on my hope and discontent
  • at 17:55 hit the 24hrs shift on the Army Warehouse, make sure it is full of healthy workers, remove any sick workers, make sure it's operating at 100% the whole time
  • your scout should arrive with survivors

Evening 5

  • build 5 tents and a brazier, placement is super important, all your tents, Cookhouse and Medical Posts should be under just 3 braziers
  • all braziers should still remain off because all tents are Livable
  • you should have enouhg wood to build a 3rd Medical Post and assign engineers
  • send your scout to Remnents Of A Building

Day 6

  • you should now have enough workers for all the work places, although some will be sick
  • make sure all 20 workers on the Army Warehouse are healthy
  • assign, in order of priority: gathering post northeast, gathering post northwest, sawmill, gathering post near beacon, cookhouse (at least 1 healthy on the cookhouse)
  • when you reach 120 steel, switch the Army Warehouse to steam cores
  • constantly monitor the Army Warehouse and replace any sick workers with healthy ones
  • a popup asking you to bury the dead will come up, ask New London to pass the law, then build the cemetery (or snow pit, it's random)
  • send scout to Forgotten Fisheries
  • next research Heaters

Evening 6

  • build a 3rd Workshop
  • build a 2nd Sawmill to the far west
  • start a 24hrs shift on one of the Workshops, make sure all 5 engineers are healthy
  • when the New London favor is Average, ask to "handle discontent", and then build the Public House and assign 3 workers to it
  • when the temperature drops, turn on the braziers

Day 7

  • before work starts, replace any sick workers in the Army Warehouse (always do this!)
  • assign in order or priority: gathering post northeast, gathering post northwest, sawmill east, sawmill west
  • send scout to Observatory Ruins
  • one of your engineers in the workshop will die from overtime shift, that's fine because you will have 25 left (it was an "extra" engineer), you will complete Heaters and protect the 20 workers on the Army Warehouse, so it's worth the sacrifice
  • when the food arrives, make sure you have some healthy workers in the Cookhouse, if you did everything right, no one should die from lack of food
  • when Heaters research is complete, turn on the heaters at the Army Warehouse and all work places, next research Drawing Boards
  • your first shipment will become ready, send it immediately and switch the Army Warehouse back to steel production
  • when research is complete, next research Coal Mine

Evening 7

  • northeast piles should be done, dismantle gathering post
  • start emergency shift at Army Warehouse with 20 healthy workers
  • your scout will reach Observatory Ruins, explore and then send him home with the resources
  • once you reach 125 steel, switch to steam cores (you'll need 100 steel for shipment and 25 for next research)
  • next research Drafting Machines

Day 8

  • continue to make sure you replace sick people in the Army Warehouse
  • once you have 2 steam cores, switch to steel
  • DO NOT send the 2nd shipment yet
  • the "feed the people" may popup will occur, select "I won't address this right now"
  • when New London favor reaches Average, ask for some coal
  • when New London informs you that they will only send food when you send shipment, THEN send the shipment immediately (you need to food to survive)

Day 9

  • when it gets warm, turn off all the braziers and heaters, except for the Army Warehouse (always keep that heater ON)
  • your scout should be sent towards Frozen Den, Natural Terrace, Secluded Valley and then Hot Springs
  • make sure you have at least 3 workers in the cookhouse ready for when the food arrives because people are starving (note that starving people get fed automatically and remotely, they don't have to leave work and go to the cookhouse to get fed, so just make sure you are producing food fast), no one should die from starvation
  • next research Freight Elevators
  • when New London favor reaches Average, ask for coal

Evening 9

  • at 17:55 start an emergency shift on the Army Warehouse
  • if your gathering post and northeast sawmill are out of resources, dismantle them
  • build another sawmill on the far west being careful to NOT destroy any of the trees (very important!, you need all the wood on the map)
  • build a gathering post to the far east to get that pile of wood
  • assign all workers, making sure to replace the sick at the Army Warehouse

Day 10

  • it will get really cold, turn on the braziers and all heaters
  • if you have less than 11 sick, assign 5 engineers from Medical Post to the 3rd Workshop, put them back on the Medical Post if you get more sick
  • once you have 180 steel, switch to steam cores
  • when your wood storage is full, build a bunch of Medical Posts and pause their construction, this is a trick to store wood so that your workers can keep producing
  • when coal mine research is complete, build it right away, unassign 10 workers to make sure it gets built
  • start research on Medical Post Upgrade

Evening 10

  • continue on steam cores until you have 2, then switch to steel
  • switch Army Warehouse to steel

Day 11

  • ok, this is a brutal day
  • when the New London favor is Average, request some coal
  • when it gets warmer, turn off braziers and heaters where you can and keep things at least chilly
  • scout will arrive at Hot Springs, send him back home with food
  • you should have over 100 steel and 2 steam cores, DO NOT send the shipment to New London yet
  • wait until New London complains about the shipment and passes the Extended Shift law, then immediately send the shipment (you need the food)
  • continue until you have 50 steel, then dismiss 10 starving and sick workers and send a construction team to Hot Springs
  • start research on Infirmary

Evening 11

  • a lot of people will start dying from hunger, that's ok, you have too many people anyway at this point
  • put 5 workers in the Cookhouse and when the food arrives, start a 24hrs shift on the Cookhouse, this will push your discontent off the charts, but that's ok because after people eat, it will come back down to normal
  • take 10 sick and starving people and create a construction team and send them to Hot Springs

Day 12

  • you will be at about 103 workers now (I had 15 people die before the food arrived)
  • make sure you have 20 healthy workers on the Army Warehouse, continue on steel
  • make sure 10 healthy workers are on coal mine, the rest on sawmill
  • if more people die, make sure to always have 20 on Army Warehouse and 10 on Coal Mine
  • have some workers in the Cookhouse when the scout arrives with food
  • ask New London for some coal
  • your construction team will arrive at Hot Springs, establish an outpost and immediately ask for food

Evening 12

  • New London will try to confiscate your food, you will send back the admins
  • send your scout north to Nansen's, find the other survivors and escort them home
  • at this point, your food problems should be over, your discontent will drop, your Infirmary is ready to be built, most of your major issues are now over, the rest of the game is fairly easy, follow the mid-game and end-game advice


  • after Hot Springs is established, send scout to Nansen's and escort the survivors home
  • once you return with the survivors from Nansen's, your economy will be rolling along just fine
  • your priority is to upgrade Hot Springs, this is also how you will get food, build the safe road
  • find Shipwreck Camp, establish outpost and build safe road
  • find Children's Mine, establish outpost, but no need to build safe road
  • continue scouting for resources, but don't take a chance on Tesla or Steel Bridge, not worth losing your scouts
  • you DO NOT need the people at Victim's Colony
  • you only need to ask Shipwreck's Camp for 5 workers at most
  • upgrade to Steam Lorries as soon as possible, this is super important
  • whenever you can, always exchange coal and meals for wood with Shipwreck Camp
  • use 24hrs shifts all the time as much as you can, watch your discontent
  • upgrade to houses for everyone, the temperature will get cold
  • you should have two Infirmaries, and move engineers from Workshop to Infirmary when needed, don't let the sick get out of control
  • upgrade to Advanced Coal Mine as soon as possible and start to stockpile some coal
  • always choose the "will be pleased" option with Hot Springs and Shipwreck Camp, the goal is to make both of them Loyal before the end
  • it will be tempting to ask Shipwreck Camp for workers in order to fulfill "Working Hands IV", but don't do it, wait for the Londoners to arrive and send 20 of them instead


  • Hot Springs upgraded to level 4 with safe road, Loyal
  • Shipwreck Camp upgraded to level 4 or 5 with safe road, Loyal
  • Children's Mine upgraded to at least level 2, no safe road required, doesn't have to be Loyal
  • make sure to have ~30 empty beds available for the Londoners
  • the Londoners will arrive, you can ease your food burden by sending 20 workers to fulfill "Working Hands IV" to Hot Springs
  • chose the option to Save New London

Final 5 days

  • a loyal Hot Springs will send the required food
  • a loyal Shipwreck Camp will send the required people (this one is critical: 50 people!)
  • you should have plenty of coal (3000+) stocked up to send to New London
  • you will have 4+ days to send 250 steel and 5 steam cores to New London
  • WIN!

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