Frostpunk scenario idea.

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I have idea for a senario I call The Shattered Heart:this take places in the heart of the British Empire London as near everyone has left London you and a group of people are all that's left. The city looks like a war had happened because of all the riots and people tearing down the houses for firewood. you take charge as people look up to you for a hope or a solution to fight against this cold and fill their stomachs. Your first task as leader of London is to find a way to build a fight the cold. Thankfully Britain was filled with so many scholars and bright minds that built the generators but now their gone and all that's left is the blueprints of the generator. For now a temporary solution will be the brazers that are basically glorified fire pits.For Food you send your men south and build an Outpost on the frozen sea and drill for fish. In the middle of the city you have you men build the generator in the middle of London. As time goes on it gets colder and coal runs out you have to build a Outpost in Newcastle for coal and new problems come as people come from the south are heading towards London. As you now have to deal with a refugee crises as tensions build up between the people of London and the French refugees you have to keep order and build the generator in a before the worst happens.


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Edited I also have some ideas for the book of laws like two law called English school and engineer school. English school allows French workers to understand how to read and understand English which turns French worker into regular work this is important because if you put a French worker on a job there's a slight chance that their a work accident and base efficiency is at 75%. For engineering school it turns workers into engineers it takes 6 day for this to happen and the workers go to engineering school after their work shift and there is a law after this called accelerated learning which cuts the time to become an engineer by half but increases the likely hood of work accidents kinda like 24 hour shifts.

Their would be random events like the Royal palace where people want to destory the palace as it represents the government abandoning the people. Later they find one of the Royals are still in the palace and the people want to hang them. And another event called what's new London? As the Londoners somehow managed to get to London the amount of people that come to London is random 10-30 people.

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