Frostpunk: The Board Game – Explore the Frozen Wasteland

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Explore the Frozen Wasteland

❄ Each solid game has certain pillars it’s gameplay rests upon. Today we’d like to tell you more about the exploration in Frostpunk: The Board Game.

❄ The city you are in is probably the last one on Earth. Surrounding you is a limitless frozen wasteland that used to be our green planet. The sense of isolation and loneliness doesn’t get much worse. Among your citizens there is a group of people whose will is as strong as the ice around. They are the scouts that venture outside the relative safety (🌨 weather is a merciless killer, much worse than a polar bear).

❄ In a game environment that focuses so much on what is happening inside the settlement any kind of news of the outside world is welcome distraction from they harsh reality of an ongoing struggle for survival.

❄ Exploration (at least in the core scenario) is not a mechanic that is available outright. The Beacon needs to be built in order to unlock it and deck associated with it, thus allowing for the expeditions to be sent out. The cards have special slots that represent the journey taken by the scouts and the distance they need to travel. Naturally, the weather influences that, so depending on it an exploration might be slowed or finish sooner. Once the goal is reached, you need to decide if you wish to continue the journey onward or return. Depending on your choice the next expedition can start sooner or later but also any potential resources can be delivered to the settlement quicker. It’s a classic choice of a fast reward or a potentially greater reward removed in time.


❄ This is why Exploration, despite not being the main mechanic of the game, is a crucial one. It serves as the only sort of connection to the outside world, be it for better or for worse. The scouts carry news about the upcoming weather change, migrating animals, lost settlements and people they found wandering in the snow. Various scenarios we have planned for this game will also add their special Exploration cards or whole separate decks.

❄ Exploration as a game mechanic is also another great way for us to put narrative emphasis and create the chain decisions that many of you loved so much in This War Of Mine: The Board Game. Yet, it’s not all about the story, the decisions made while exploring are just as strategically important as the ones taken while allocating Workers and Engineers, they can impact your economy, the amount of action available and finally the amount of meeples at your disposal.

🔥 Will you accept a group of sickly refugees found by the scouts? Can you afford to nurse them back to health or will it be too much of a strain on your city?

🔥 Which solution do you prefer—keywords or icons? Which one is clearer and more useful to you?

The components shown are still a WIP and do not represent the final layout nor the final quality.

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