Frostpunk Update 1.0.1 | Fixes, updates, AlienFX

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Taken from steam update page for the lazy 😀

Here's the full list of changes and fixes: Default display mode detection fix – we know you've experienced some issues with screen resolutions; it should be all fixed now (if it's still happening for you – we have a manual solution that you can use – described below) More diagnostics tools – we've added some analytics that will help us track and fix issues in the future "Bread and Games" achievement is working properly now "The Union" achievement is fixed as well – it was working before – but was triggered by wrong events "Iron Man (The Arks)" achievement is fixed – now it's only possible to get it during The Arks scenario Memory leaks are fixed – which should improve stability and overall performance (more FPS, less crashes etc.) Save game buffor memory increased – which should eliminate any issues that you had with autosaving feature Added feature: AlienFX. Working with Alienware, we've added new feature to our game – which should brighten up Frostpunk's dark atmoshpere a bit. If you're using compatible hardware: Your keyboard's backlight colours will change depending on the current temperature in your city. And let's just say: if you see some purple lights – better fire up that Generator overdrive. Weather warnings – when the temperature rises or drops – your keyboard will let you know about it, pulsating with coresponding colours.


What about some content updates? We've received A LOT of good ideas from you. We've confronted them with our own vision – and thanks to that: development road map is almost ready. We are probably going to post it next week – so stay tuned to learn everything about DLCs, future patches and Frostpunk-related plans!

The City Must Survive!

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