getting Two Shifts law on day 5 in Extreme/Survival

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - getting Two Shifts law on day 5 in Extreme/Survival

Here's a small
imU5zV0SpXE - getting Two Shifts law on day 5 in Extreme/Survival
Walkthrough Tutorial for you folks to get the most OP law in the TLA under 5 days, once you did this, the difficulty for the rest of the game is massively decreased.

Text version summary

  • Tech order is: Forager -> Dock -> Factory

Day 1: allocate all workers in five resource stockpiles inside the tower build site, rush two workshops, place it beside your initial resource storage site so they can be built right away, delete the inner circle road for more woods, but leave a small part on the three stockpiles (two wood and one steel) side. Then get a medical post to treat those who get sick when sleeping outdoor. When the people ask you to build tents, refuse.

Day 2: after work hour starts, build a gathering post in the position that can cover three stockpiles, fill it with 10 workers relocated from steam engine stockpile. Then place the researched forager house, don't disrupt the resource collection job, let the worker build it post work time, then send out the team to the hunting ground for the food source (if you don't know how to reach there, watch the video please) When the people ask you to build tents, this time, promise that you would build some.

Day 3: after work hour starts, build the cook house asap, this would involve relocating nearest stockpile's workforce, then immediately fill it to get some food rations. At the end of the work hour, you should have enough wood to place the researched Dock and 5 tents to fulfill the promise.

Build the dock and the tents (build the tents where request least road construction), after you see the popup that says you fulfilled the promise, deconstruct those tents to reclaim the woods, you should have enough wood for two gathering posts near the dock. Once the dock is working, make it start transporting wood.


Day 4: Just allocate the workforce around to make sure you have optimal wood output, prioritise two gathering post near the wood generation dock. In the end of the day you would have enough wood to build the telegraph station and the profile manufacturing plant. You would also trigger an event to build the tents, this time if you have enough woods, choose a desired place to place the tents pernamently.

IMPORTANT: In the video I got the 5th law on day 4, THIS IS WRONG, the long cool down until the 6th law makes me unable to get the two shifts right away when it is unlocked, DO NOT PICK 5TH LAW ON DAY 4, SAVE IT FOR DAY 5.

Day 5: stuff 20 worker into the profile plant and make 3 wooden profile, you should get the work safety event, which leads to the unlock of labour law tree, including the Two Shifts.

Some other notes

  • My law order: sustaining life -> double ration for sick -> pub -> fist fight/prostitute -> >

These first four laws, imo are the best to pick in the start of the game, as they are all required in the rest of the game and also provide possitive effective without covering any building or needs of ability activation.

  • Usage of two shifts

Put the 10 engineers into one workshop and enable the 24hr shift, the profit you get by doing this so early effectively decreases the research time difficulty from extreme to medium. In some later point of the game you can grab the next law shich makes building using 24 hr shift require 25% less workforce, then you can get 6 more engineer and make 2 workshop working 24/7 for you.

Two shifts also should be used on EVERY STRUCTURE that you can use it on, It effectively buff your worker's yield into 120% (160% with the enhancement law), and the micro amount of discontent production is absolutely negligible.

Hope this helps you folk's tower building and have a good winter.

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