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Some major spoilers ahead so be warned but I've been achievement hunting for the last couple hiddens the past few days and couldn't find a confirmed way to get golden path so thought I'd post what worked for me. I can't 100% say it's not bugged but I got it back to back times using an achievement reset app to try to the strat and have had the same "didn't cross the line" end game message 3 to 4 times before getting it. Again, spoilers ahead but if you're stuck on this achievement let me know if this strat doesn't work pretty sure it's a guarantee. Both games were the same laws and decisions on hard mode.

  1. Cannot take emergency or extended shifts via some other threads and I've run this same strat with no deaths and full rescues before but missed out on the achievement. I assume it was because of extended shifts. I opened sustain life then child shelters and engineer apprentices. Engineer apprentices is pretty key early game w/o extended shifts to get tech boosts. Only opened sustain life first to not have the discontent and hope hits early on if failing to get a shelter up in time. Care house next per some of the exploration strats below then extra rations because it's useful long term to avoid needing to tech to infirmaries. Eventually grabbed prosthetics prior to purpose tree opening up. Didn't touch the soup or fighting paths at all. I saw some threads saying fighting is ok and haven't seen much on soup but I can't confirm or deny either.
  2. This is probably much worse on extreme/survivor and much easier on normal but allocate labor for just over 210 coal, 15 steel, and the rest on wood day 1, wood piles should be the ones you don't plan on putting a gathering post near. Gives you enough resources to grab 2 posts, turn generator on, and get a hunter hut and cookhouse day 1. Grab cookhouse asap so you can rush beacon by using the food multiplier from it. End of day 1 should be a cookhouse, no raw food left, one fully staffed hunter lodge, one med post, one workshop, and a gathering post near the 2 wood and 1 steel at the wood drill area. Second priority is a gathering post near 2 coal spots but less important from the day 1 surplus of coal, I opened day 2 both times with 3-4 workers on a coal spot and was fine.
  3. Day 2 get that coal gathering post up if you haven't already. Start research on beacon. Min/max steel so you can build beacon asap then put the steel workers on wood even if overlaps with gathering post. Only key building this day is a second hunting lodge which should be fully staffed by EOD.
  4. Both times I got cold drop I just sent workers out into the cold and grabbed care house after engineer apprentices. Labor shouldn't be super tight in a day or so if beacon is up. Go beacon to lost expedition, escort them back then go back to the shelter and back to your city again for the wood surplus. Observatory escort back then go bridge and scout the south, hit everything but winterfall. I left the coal for outpost both times but doubt it matters.
  5. By this point you should be in good shape. I highly doubt this impacts the achievement but I went hunting gear then sawmills into tech level upgrade after getting back from shelter. Expedition, Observatory, and Large convoy all being escorted should give you 4 workshops with full engineers and a pair of shelters to boost them which helps make up for not going extended shifts tree.

Day 10+ went extra scout, never faster scouts both times which was enough to rescue everyone (no idea if this helps with achievement or not) and still hit Winterfall before the survivor event on day 15. Purpose tree both times, never went to faith keepers, penance, or house of healing + cookhouses (no child labor in this setup) but shrines and temples were fine both runs. Let the londoners speak. I ignored housing requests until late game, no deaths but avoided gloomy cave and Tesla RNG. I'm sure there are other ways to get this achievement but after googling around I couldn't find much that was a guarantee. It seems from testing this run 3 times, emergency shifts path is an automatic disqualification but I can't comment on exactly what doesn't work for example I never took soup. Just thought I'd post what worked for me a couple times, best of luck let me know if you can confirm or more interestingly if anyone use the same laws with 0 deaths but would unfortunately still not get the achievement. Same goes for if anyone does a similar strat but takes things like fighting arena or soup and still gets it. Best of luck hope this works for anyone having trouble defining the criteria for this achievement.

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