Greeting, my fellow Elite players.

frostpunk 2 - Greeting, my fellow Elite players.

Endurance Extreme in three words:


Especially the first three storms. I had the constant feeling that I was one click away from oblivion. That all that was needed for crippling my beautiful city was only forgetting on night without overdrive or one heater left on when non necessary.

I had deaths. Countless of them. Each storm took its lot.

But the city survived.

Very random tips:

  • Laws. All the ruthless ones. It's not a choice, it's a necessity. (ChildLab, Emergency, Extended, Soup, Radical, Overcro).
  • Order path. I had never near the number of people to benefit from an House of Healing.
  • Steam cores. How you choose to use them is FUNDAMENTAL. My choices: 2 Hothouses, 1 Infirmary. Don't have the numbers to man the Hunter's Hut, AND child can work on hothouses.
  • Your population is small. Despite your best efforts, you're going to have sick people. A LOT of them. How you assign them is paramount, you can't afford to move people around during the day, you're going to lose a lot in terms of productivity.
  • At midnight, remove everyone from their jobs. At 5, assign them. Plan in advance. Count the number of healthy workers (subtract sick ones), and assign to each building the bare MINIMUM of workers based on the production quotas of that day. If you're going to need only 30 woods more for buildings and research, send only 2 workers to the sawmill. You can always add them later, but DON'T remove people from jobs and reassign them: stick with your previous choice. The principle is to maximize production given the available workers.
  • Build your first steam hub close to 2 workshops, the coal thumper and 3 gathering – they are paramount to keep working during the coldest days. Accept people in your city ONLY if you have enough space for some tents around the steam hub. Better for them to die in the open than to destroy the thin hope of your city. If you have a lot of sick people and you need the extra workers, tear down temporarily the thumper and hope you have enough already extracted to survive the next storm.
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Things I wish I add done better:

  • Tear down the hothouses the night before the storm hits and build more infirmaries (gonna need the extra insulation during the storm in order to avoid mass death of sick people). After the storm, tear down all the infirmaries, rebuild the hothouses and start immediately making food, and build a factory. Stockpile fifteen prosthetics, tear it down and rebuild one infirmary. Fifteen more people able to work are going to do A LOT of a difference.
  • When you can afford two steam hubs: in the first one, build gathering posts in range and houses, and a coal thumper nearby but out of steam hub range. Build the hothouses near a steam hubs, and again nearby houses. Use the first automaton to work the hothouse (the other one in emergency shift) during the nights, and to work the coal thumper during the day.

What a fantastic game, BTW.

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