Guide for On the Edge Extreme early game

frostpunk 4 - Guide for On the Edge Extreme early game

On the Edge is tricky on extreme. You have to deal with food scarcity, high sickness and low worker count at the start. Once you get through the first few days, it gets easier. It's best to play On the Edge on normal first to figure out when 'things' happen.

I've seen 2 extreme guides, this guide is closer to the one that tries to keep sickness down with gathering posts and heaters rather than the other guide that rushes Sawmill tech.

Day 1


  • 11 on steel wreckage, rest on wood piles


  • Make a scout team, scout Collapse Building -> Stone Wall -> return home by Day 3 19:00. (You need the steel to build a transport depot and administration)
  • You should have 158 wood, 21 steel. Dismantle enough roads to build the below
  • Build 2 med posts, 1 workshop, 3 gathering posts (next to 2 wood piles, 1 to cover the entire ruins, 1 to cover the coal + wood piles)
  • Move 10 engineers to med posts for the night

Day 2


  • Research Heaters
  • 15 to clear steel wreckage by end of workday, 30 in gathering post (put the working sick here), the rest in wood piles


  • Build 1 med post, 1 cookhouse, 1 gathering posts (to cover the other coal + wood piles)
  • Move 15 engineers to med posts for the night

Day 3


  • 1 in cookhouse, rest in gathering posts (wood > steel > coal), no one should be working outside
  • When heaters finishes, turn on heaters for all non-livable places and research Braziers


  • You should have about 150 wood, 26 steel with scouts returning with 64 wood and 43 steel within the hour
  • Scout Remanents of a building -> Forgotten Fishery -> Observatory Ruins -> return home with resources
  • Build a transport depot and admin before 23:30. Immediately ask New London for 20 raw food. At 23:30-24:00, they will send another 40 food shipment.
  • Build as many, up to 9 tents (admin and children arrive next day), road to the army warehouse and 1 workshop
  • Don't send New London any shipments until they give you Extended Shifts

Day 4


  • 20 in army warehouse, 1 in cookhouse when food arrives, the rest in gathering posts (coal > wood > steel)
  • Once Braziers finish, move all engineers to med posts. Need to help the sick before New London children adds another 10 sick near end of workday


  • Build remaining homes to shelter everyone
  • Build 2 braziers to cover homes. Turn on only during resting hours.

Day 5


  • You will have about 30 sick. Keep all engineers in med posts today
  • Switch to steam cores. From here on out, juggle between steel and steam cores as needed off work hours


  • 20 in army warehouse, 1 in cookhouse when food arrives, the rest in gathering posts (coal > wood > steel)


  • Emergency shift on army warehouse. Temperature goes up next day

Day 6


  • 20 in army warehouse, 1 in cookhouse when food arrives, the rest in gathering posts (coal > wood > steel)
  • Research Sawmill. You will need new workplaces as piles get low


  • New London will give you Extended Shifts. Apply it to all workplaces


  • Emergency shift on 1 workshop


  • Ask New London for more food, you will either get Soup or Sawdust. Use this when you know you won't receive food the next day
  • Put scout team back to work for a day

Day 7


  • 20 in army warehouse, 1 in cookhouse when food arrives, the rest in gathering posts (coal > wood > steel)
  • Research Coal Mining (food is scarce, so we need to keep worker count low. Coal mining has higher efficiency per worker over thumpers + gathering posts)


  • Build 3 sawmills
  • Remake scout team and scout Frozen Den
  • Send New London the 1st shipment

Day 8


  • 20 in army warehouse, 1 in cookhouse when food arrives, the rest in gathering posts (coal > wood > steel)
  • Research Medical Post Upgrade


  • Emergency shift on army warehouse


  • New London will only send food when you send a shipment. Only send 1 shipment when ready. You need a bit of food before reaching Hot Springs
  • Scout Natural Terrace when unlocked
  • Research Drafting Machines

Day 9


  • Expect about 25 sick

Day 10


  • Research Infirmary


  • Emergency shift on 1 workshop


  • When scouts arrive at Hot Springs, create an expedition force using 10 sick (you will have about 25 sick tonight) and send them to Hot Springs.
  • Scout Nansen's Storm Watch for more engineers and workers.
  • Build 1 infirmary once research finishes. Infirmary trivializes the sick for the rest of the game. Each time the temperature drops -10, add another Infirmary. You should have about 3-4 infirmaries by -50 or -60.
  • Ask New London for wood when favor is average

Day 10+

The day should start with 20 in army warehouse, 10 in coal mine, the rest in sawmills / gathering posts (until depleted), 1 in cookhouse when food arrives.

Scout Shipwreck Camp -> Children's Mine -> the rest of the map. You don't need the resources from Tesla City or Steel Bridge, so no need to save scum them.

At this point, you should help the other settlements to reach loyal relationship. New London needs their help at the end. After loyal, it's up to you if you want to help complete their settlement upgrades. You will need a lot of wood to do so. When favor is average, ask Shipwreck Camp and Children's Mine for wood. You will need to ask Hot Springs for food mostly.

Pass discontent laws once you separate from New London to help with high discontent, after that either Engineer Apprentices and Medic Apprentices are fine. Dueling Law -> Public House -> Moonshine -> Child Shelters -> Engineer Apprentices -> House of Pleasure -> Ceremonial Funerals.

For research, after Infirmaries research Handcarts -> Freight Elevators -> Mechanical Calculators -> Army Warehouse insulation -> Infirmary Mechanisation -> Steam Coal Mine (as coal demands go up) -> Sawmill Efficiency -> Heater Efficiency -> More Scouts -> Brazier Efficiency -> Faster Sled -> Improved Blowers (as temp reaches -50) -> Adv. Heaters -> Straddle Carriers -> Infirmary Checklists.

After getting through the temperature drops to -50 and -60 using Braziers on level 2, tents and infirmary, the rest is straightforward.

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