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First: Sadly this does not work if you live in a warm place. For others (like canadians, russians, scandinavians or northern US citizens) this is for you!

This is how to play:

1) Turn off the heat to the room
2) Launch the game and start playing
3) If the temperature is -40C or above you are allowed to have your sweater on, any temperature below -40C and you have to remove your sweater. At down to -70C you are allowed to have your T-Shirt on, Anything colder and you have to take off your T-shirt.
4) Warm drinks. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea or any warm beverages are allowed to make and drink as long as you have at least a 50%+ of your current max stockpile in food. So if your food is at 450/900 stored, you are allowed to make and enjoy a warm bevarage. This also includes warm food. Cold food is still allowed. But no food and drinks at all is allowed if 1 or more buildings produce soup. 1 hour cooldown IRL.


5) Constantly during the game: If ONE HOME or more is at very cold or freezing, you have to open the window. The window is to remain open until the temperature improves.
6) You are allowed to wear a warm blanket around your body only when the reactor is in overdrive mode.
7) After each successful scouting mission, you are allowed to do physical activity that helps keep you warm. This includes going for a jog or doing some pushups, situps or stretching.
8) If you can't stand it anymore IRL, you lose the game.

That's it and good luck!

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