Had Zero Deaths until I got overwhelmed by the Storm (medium)

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Had Zero Deaths until I got overwhelmed by the Storm (medium)

After I played through the first time and got the "went too far ending". I started today with medium and did much much better. I could convince every Londoner to stay with high "Hope" and almost no to none "Discontent". I felt pretty good.

I even managed to take in all refugees and had a place for them, upgraded every tent/bunk to a house with isolation etc. I built up a massive amount of food (5800+) the goal was ~3200 and I had like 650+ people. I managed to build up ~5000 coal when the storm was on the horizon. I built 4 robots to manage coal mining when the storm hits the city (But I forgot that during the storm the coal mines will collapse if you don't sacrifice people to make it steady) – I didn't use coal thumpers, only mines.

I completed every goal but one (forgot to call back the tesla outpost) before the storm hits; enough food, the generator upgrades, letting in the refugees, etc.

I thought "Oh nice I'm gonna "win" this and beat this without one single death, nice!"



The storm overwhelmed me! It stayed so much longer than in the first play-through, which I guess must've been on easy. Coal mining dropped like ~80% after I didn't want to sacrifice my people. Then the goal was to build 6 gathering posts and 4 Coal Thumpers. There were like, I don't know exactly, around 5-7 temperature drops down to -150°C+.

And it was so hectic, and I was nervous, that somehow I fu*ked everything up. I lost over 200 people – lost oversight over everything – I couldn't even see stuff anymore because of the smoke from every steam hub and the storm. I was so sad when I realized I fu*ked up big time. Having a very good start to the very end and loosing like 200+ people. And I got the "went too far" ending again -.- </3 Really crushes you after you spent like 3-4 hours xD I guess I have to get better at preparing for the doomsday scenario. Make even more robots, build coal thumpers and not only coal mines. Upgrade every "building heat" perk.

This game really gets to you! Just wanted to tell you guys how it went for me. I guess I have to play it more on easy.. to get my good ending. Or just prepare a shitload of resources etc. for the storm.

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