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I hadn't finished all the scenarios on hard when the update rolled around, and now, I can't even get two weeks into 'A New Home' thanks to a single patched exploit: the fact that hunters need to rest after gathering food.

I can no longer have citizens working 24 hours with no consequences, first by having them doing standard work hours, then switching them off their work to hunter's camps for the night, and then back again in the morning. Trying to do so now leaves them inoperable during the day until about 2pm. Resource gathering is hampered as a result, which means less tech and less buildings. The soft gate of 60 wood/35 steel/5 manpower for a beacon and scouting team cripples my economy, and the city goes down soon after.

This is not a complaint levelled at the game. I severely dislike using immersion breaking exploits and it makes perfect sense that hunters can't work infinite double shifts. But I was entirely dependant on that exploit (and soup) to carry me though the early game until I could ease their workload with a sizeable workforce. Now, I don't know how balance my labour between food, resource gathering, and tech to get past the three day 20C temperature drop.


So I ask you; what are your early game tactics that work of hard (or even survivor)? Specifically:

– Are gathering posts a viable investment or wood and steel to reduce the manpower required and protect my citizens from the first temperature drop, or are those resources need elsewhere?

– Do I need to curb my expectation on how early I should build the beacon (currently 2-3 days after it is requested)? Are there any consequences for delaying it?

– Should I incur early shortages of food, shelter, and medical treatment in the name of rapidly building my economy, and suffer slower progress in the mid game, or try to meet all needs for as long a possible to not risk death and discontent?

– Is there anything not mentioned that's should be at the forefront of my mind when decision making?

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