Has anyone tried to speedrun this game?

frostpunk screenshot 01x 1024x576 - Has anyone tried to speedrun this game?

I just got frostpunk last week and it totally sucked me in. I went through the New Home scenario first and survived, though everything I did I felt like could be so much more optimized.

Since beating it, I've been iterating over the first few days and trying to really optimize the playthrough, especially since the initial layout is the same every time. What I really want to do is get the steam core outpost as soon as possible so I can get all the buildings and automatons I need. I've been playing around with the timing of the beacon, and found the first bit of RNG in the scout location (I'd really like to get the crash site first, as those resources will allow me to actually put all the survivors to work when I get them in during the first temperature drop). Of course, my build is not the "most optimal" by any stretch, since there is so much buildable space and I haven't figured out what a truly optimal build pattern for late game will be.


Mainly I wanted to post here and see if there's anyone else who's worked on this, or if there are any resources anyone has compiled. This game has really captured my interest!

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