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Got this game just a few days ago and I'm absolutely loving it. I've looked up a list of all achievements (including hidden ones) and I'm trying to get as many as I can with each scenario playthrough.

I just completed The Refugees scenario for the first time and I really thought I was on track for The Union achievement (accept all lords and resolve class conflict). The big reason I thought I was on track for this was in no small part due to the fact that "Resolve the class conflict" was one of the 'missions' of the scenario! (stay in charge for at least a day, keep hope above 50%, and keep discontent below 25%).

I successfully managed this so I thought all was won, but at the end of the scenario I was surprised to get a popup saying Class Conflict: We are divided", and that 'the lords are our servants'. Then during the end-scenario cutscene it said the same thing, with what appeared to be additional information in the form of lines of text like 'Watchful Guards', 'Morning Gatherings', and 'Abysmal Conditions'.


Long story short… where did I go wrong? What's the path to getting this achievement that I failed to do?

Edit: additional information that may be helpful.

I chose the Purpose path and enacted the following laws: Neighbourhood Watch, Guard Stations, Patrol, and Morning Gathering.

Under the regular Adaptation law tree, I enacted both Emergency and Extended Shifts, Child Labour – Safe Jobs, Cemetery, Radical Treatment, Care House, Prosthetics, Extra Rations for the Ill, and finally Fighting Arena, Public House, Moonshine, and House of Pleasure.

As far events that I can remember, I chose for the one lord to go to work when he didn't want to and he got beat up, then at the Red Flag camp I honoured their request to die, and I saved Lord Craven from being lynched, shortly after which he voluntarily left the city.

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