Here’s how I completed ‘The Arks’ in survival mode and saved Manchester!

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Hi everyone,

After multiple attempts and after so many hours poured into completing 'The Arks' in survival mode, I finally managed to save Manchester and complete the mission. Here are some strategies I've found that helped me through the mission!

1) Order of laws you should get: emergency shift, radical treatment, food additives, corpse disposal, overcrowding, organ transplant, care house, and prosthetics. Below are some key points for the above laws.

– Continuously use emergency shift even if the citizens become outraged. Luckily for us, The Arks' mission always lowers the discontent much easier than other missions as long as you have your basics (i.e., food, heat, snow pit, and medical treatment) and the discontent level will always get lower than needed within 3 days.

– You have very limited number of workers so save all you can! You can get away with having only one medical tent, especially with overcrowding, but people will die if you don't have radical treatment available. An amputated worker is better than a dead worker! You can always fix up the amputated worker with prosthetics.

2) Rush two scouts with speed upgrade in the beginning! You need all the additional resources you can get so that once the scout arrives with the factory blueprints, you can immediately begin building your automatons. Just to give you an idea, you must continuously build automatons until all your steam cores run out that you find from scouting (with advanced steam coal/steel/wood facilities). I was able to cover the entire map with my scouts by the last 10 days.

3) I was only able to save one seed ark with external steam used in the beginning to heat the ark. This is done so that you save as much coal as you can for both yourself and Manchester. However, there is an issue with doing this. If you lose 3 arks, your hope meter goes down to zero and there are no mission events that can raise the hope meter. What I did was the following.


– Right before the arks are about to freeze, make sure you have either care house or fighting pit law put into place but not have the building built. Once the arks freeze and hope meter goes to zero, quickly build the care house or fighting pit and your hope will rise a bit. Wait for your next law to refresh and choose either care house or fighting pit (or pub) and build that building for additional increase of hope. Now, here comes to tricky part. You will have to increase discontent just enough to create an outrage from the citizens using emergency shifts. Recall that if the discontent lowers below threshold when citizens are outraged, hope rises. This is the mechanism we will need to utilize to get our hope back up. Note that discontent can significantly lowered for a brief time when you set the generator to overdrive! Added bonus for increasing the hope meter is if the citizens ask you to build additional medical post or other demands for food or heating where hope can be increased once fulfilled (heating is a bit trickier since you have to heat the homes for multiple days).

3.1) Easier way to deal with hope meter (I'm assuming this is a bug). Once the arks freeze, do not click on the pop-up message for the arks. For some reason, hope will not fall if you choose to ignore the frozen ark messages.

4) For resources, only upgrade the facilities to get advanced steam coal/wood/steel. Do not get facilities where you need a gathering post.

5) Heating is very important since your citizens' health and facilities for food and medical tent require a certain level of heat. Ensure that heating is adequate but never more than required. If your heating is too high, the above trick with overdrive to lower discontent drastically will not be as effective.

If you have any suggestions or feel I missed something, please share it with us!

Thanks for reading and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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