Hey, Im trying to do a No Death (saving everyone) on Survivor Mode

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Hello there! Many months ago I made this post –

Here I finished on Hard saving every single soul on Hard using Faith and now Im here trying to do the same on Survivor Mode. I did a couple of runs on extreme mode (survivor mode without ironman) to test out build orders and whatnot, what I found is that research is soo slow that the only way to get 0 deaths is by having RNG on your side.

Im going to start my run on a few days, but here are somethings I separated to help you folk that might want to try something similar:

  • Rush generator heating upgrades, you are going to need Generator lvl 2 by the time -40C comes crashing down
  • Overcrowding > Extra Rations (You will need to house everyone inside Infirmaries)
  • Save steamcores for infirmaries, they are the only buildings in the game that stay warm even in -150C and to save everyone on Hard you need enough infirmaries for everyone to live in during the storm, as they get sick they will move to the infirmaries and wont freeze to death.
  • Child labour > Child Shelters (You will need the extra manpower since we will be using coal thumpers instead of mines to save steam cores)
  • Corpse Pile -> Organ Transplants for a flat 20% boost to healthcare
  • Faith route – Faith is super Overpowered and Order cant even compete with the bonuses, shamefully you cant make houses of healing on a No-Death Run since they have a scripted event that causes 1 death (I know, I got pissed too) but Public Repention is literally a better version of the prison that dont lock up 30 people (thus lowering your productivity) for 3 days, soup kitchens are quite good and soo are shrines. Also Churches dont need workers and have bigger AoE while guard towers will take 20 people to cover all the houses you will need.
  • You will only need to use 5 Steam Cores (1 for Factory, 1 for WallDrill, 3 for automaton (Wall Drill + Ironworks) ) but when the storm arrives you must dismantle everything to make more infirmaries
  • Some laws have insta death scripts like Houses of Healing and Protector of Truth
  • Since we cant save on survivor mode but we still cant be at mercy of RnG Scout deaths, I will cheat the system by using alt-F4 to quit the game without saving if my scouts die and go back to try again. Its the only way
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If anyone wants to ass anything, feel free in the coments

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