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frostpunk 2 - Hey new people check this out

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Read this whole thing before you start its not in order.

24hr shift law, then child shelters, then extended shifts, then fighting houses, bar, and moonshine, then child engineers.

When you start get as much coal as you can then wood then steel. Stockpile coal!!! And don't turn on the generator til they start to complain to further increase your stockpile. Then build a workshop then a medical tent then a hunter house then a cook house. Then…this is the tricky part…

Just wait a little bit, build up your resources while its still calm in the first few days. Use this time to make 1 or 2 random huts to gather the misc piles still laying around and dismantle when the resource is depleted.

Build a beacon. Scout asap. Send scouts out far and hit a few stops before returning with supplies, if you find survivors bring them back first. Don't send survivors alone, guiding them back means they survive which means more people to do the resource gathering.

As soon as you can build a thumper for coal and add at least 2 huts to gather and whichever wood source, steel last but give it a 24hr shift when needed. 3 to 5 huts on one thumper is fine if you have the people but I find a row of 6 huts in front of 3 thumpers to work the best. DONT FORGET TO ROTATE THE THUMPERS SO THE COAL PILES ARE CLOSE TO THE HUTS. Dont go steam thumper or upgrades till you go advance mine with upgrades and automatons.

Wall drill and Steel works then steam versions, ignore charcoal kiln. Sawmill in a pinch to get more wood quick but the 2 wall drills are typically enough.

Hope, always choose hope! Disband londoner gatherings. If you maintain hope they won't get out of hand. And upgrade the housing whenever possible, even close to the generator.

Make more workshops when you can. After first few scouts come back with more people. Get at least 5, more is better!

Make more scouts, and don't send scouts back until they hit a few stops first and get a lot of supplies.

Put automatons on coal first then wood then steel then workshops then cook house

Hothouses after 6-8 hangers, only need 2 cook houses, put automatons in when you can otherwise 24hr shift to generate more food rations before big storm

Then it's just a matter of over producing coal first then wood then food then steel. Put storage sheds on the outskirts and shuffle them to whatever needs more storage, 20+ at the end is fine, same with workshops 5-10 with automatons is quick research.


The final storm you will need:

Approx 3500 food rations Every heat thing researched, heaters first, steam hubs don't do much past -60 At least 10 medical tents, and yes the low level ones are fine all the way to the end. All the housing should be fully researched and insulated houses as well as medical tents don't bother with infirmary, but research everything else Hunters and hothouses shut down so stock up before hand

Build automatons when you can but make sure you have enough steel to continue research.

Outpost to tesla city for steam cores, other rss are plentiful enough, scouts should only bring extra, local farms can produce enough for you.

Overproduce food, make sure to have storage for 3500 rations, and 1500 raw food, multiple hunter hangers (10+) is recommended.

At some point you can switch from multiple coal thumper to coal mines to gain people back, send those to hunt or research. End game it's ok to have both mine and thumper, make sure you research all the upgrades for efficiency and over produce like crazy. 4 thumper and 6-8 huts then 2 thumper 3 hut 1 mine etc etc..

As far as rule I always go the church side, the temple and faith walkers are guaranteed hope boosts practically 24/7 and child shelters as well, have them help engineers and make sure there's enough shelters for all of them. Always choose for raising hope.

Soup until you have enough rations in storage, moonshine asap. No brothel, yes bar, yes let the church shut it down 2 hours early.

Shrines hot kitchens etc right by your coal farms

Steam hubs become irrelevant at some points so always check your thermal map and toggle off to save coal.

Sometimes places will lose workers so grab some engineers from a workshop and take out all workers first then fill it to capacity, then return any engineers if you can.

Check medical tents, if nobody is hurt then the engineers can go somewhere else and you can turn off the heater.

Lastly, if you're having trouble with a certain resource, try running endless mode to figure out the best way to get said resource, then implement that strategy on your next playthru.

Don't be afraid to start over. Save lots, make overwrite files and multiple copies if you're concerned about an upcoming event.

Hope this helps!

Apologies for spelling grammar punctuation and formatting.

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