Hey! r/frostpunk personal challenges/achievement play though stacking (please remove if this is not the right spot)

frostpunk city 1024x576 - Hey! r/frostpunk personal challenges/achievement play though stacking (please remove if this is not the right spot)

Hey! So I was playing through a game and I had such a fun time with this set of build restrictions! also some community questions!

TL;DR / quick reference to achievements in this play through: (x) = intended goals
(is there any community for people like me that are into community created builds?)


Bad at Politics

Better than London (x)

Bread and Games (x)

Built to Serve

Charcoaled (no outpost) (x)


Oxbridge (x)

Satellites (x)

Vegetarian (x)

Golden Path (x)

Please, Sir, I Want Some More


NO: tents, soup/sawdust, coal thumper, coal mine, outposts, faith keepers, crossing the line, generator range upgrades, hunters huts, special temple ability, faith keepers,

ONLY: charcoal kilns, hot houses, steam hubs, good meals, safe jobs,

100% COVERAGE: Fighting pits, churches, field kitchens, shrines, and build a pub.


I went into this with the idea of NOT EVER building tents (rushing bunkhouse) and ONLY using hot houses/charcoal ( no coal mine or thumper or outpost coal but gathered coal was ok) and only using steam hubs. no generator range upgrade and Not Crossing the Line and 100% fighting pit AND church coverage for houses and 100% shrine and field kitchen coverage for the work buildings. (not either/or but total coverage not sure if the church and fighting pits are totally redundant) also i didn't want to use faith keepers.



So how did it go? Success!

2 Industrial Hot houses.

1 Hot House

4 Churches

4 Fighting Pits

6-7 Field Kitchens (i think)

6-7 steam hubs

2 2nd tier wall drills,

6-8 Charcoal Kilns

Population was around 260?

I had to move people around, a lot depending on what I needed.

and ended up using automatons for the drills and cook houses

I sent away some refugees, and I didn't end up exploring everything, I ended up with 2 industrial hot houses I lost some people in the first couple nights rushing to houses. it was really fun and i thought someone else would find it fun too! Oh also it was on normal difficulty. I put automatons on the cook house and it seemed to stop people/cooks from stealing food! I tried to maximize hope as much as possible but with no faith keepers. Once I built the temple i decided not to use the active special ability, but there is a passive ability that seems convert a few londoners. I had a a bunch of houses of healing by the end too. Also had double rations for kids, only good meals, and refused to reduce pub hours when the faithful asked, after the londoners gave up i knocked down the temple and passed the brothel law and moved the pub onto the spot of the temple. HAHA

Thanks for reading!


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