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The Union – Finish the Refugees scenario, accepting all the lords and resolving the class conflict -> self-explanatory: Accept all and make em happy

Unknown Ship – Find the unknown ship in Frostland (Refugee scenario) -> Scout the map, it is just a node

Negotiator – Deal with the Londoners' thievery peacefully -> (Order) First time when the stealing starts, send some guards to catch them. Once apprehended lock em up in prison. Second time send some guards to catch them -> Guard will die -> You will have to set the Londoner who is not the murderer (explicitly stated in the text) free -> Later an event triggers where this guy returns with some friends and stolen supplies apologising for their doing -> Achievement done For the faith tree probaly the same, sending faithkeepers after them or something

Sprinter – Find New Manchester before Day 15 (Ark scenario) -> Just rush all quests and scout tree to unlock the area/node that will lead to Manchester and go straight there

Golden Path – Finish the New Home scenario without crossing the line -> No child labor, nothing further down the Order/Faith tree than 2 nodes (e.g. propaganda center and prison are ok but nothing further down / same applies for faith probably) Not sure cause I can't remember but to make it super safe, get "Sustain Life" instead of "radical treatment" and a "cemetery" instead of "corpse disposal" if needed. Otherwise keep your minions happy and don't let em die / rescue people and let other groups in (not sure if required for the achievement but better safe than sorry)


My Turn to Speak – Let the Londoners speak and have the last word -> Keep your discontent around +/- 50% in order to proc the event "Londoner preys on discontent" and choose "Let him speak". Once you did this twice, the third event will let you pick sth like "I let you speak, now it is my turn" and Londoner count drops by 50-100 depending on difficulty -> Achievement done

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Everybody Lived for Once – Finish The Arks scenario, saving both cities -> Self-explanatory although kinda buggy for me. Did it twice but achievement didn't proc (I even waited for the last automaton to arrive at Manchester before I finished my supllies at the end)

The Scientific Method, vol. 2 – Improve Radical Treatment (maybe specific scenario only?) -> I have no fu*king idea -.- pls help – tried to get everything related to healthcare in the tech tree and law book, different combinations, using triage on full infirmaries worked by engineers or automatons, etc etc. No success so far

Hint: Bread and Games seems to be buggy too

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