Hooooooly crap survival mode IS really hard

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Hooooooly crap survival mode IS really hard

Bought the game recently, cleared all scenarios at normal, cleared New Home on hard too easily, so I thought to myself "What could possibly go wrong?" and signed myself up to survival mode for Refuge.

As title mentions, it went wrong. EVERYTHING went wrong.

The temperature drops to -50'C at the beginning of day 6, so I'm forced to upgrade my generator power before then (otherwise medical huts all go down). Given the timeframe, I can only finish 4 researches, which 1 of them includes the lv1 tech upgrade (which also costs a hell of an amount of woods). Maybe 5 with overtime, but every usage of it increases discontent by like 25% which is absurd.


The other 2 would be faster gathering and steam hubs (too many gets sick otherwise), so I can't even research for any coal/wood building until day 6, but this is around when wood crates starts to run out. After I finish researching sawmill, coal runs out, and I'm fu*ked. Oh, not to mention everyone is also dying from hunger, cause there's not enough people to hunt and I couldn't research Hunter's tactics.

Gave about 10 trials, giving the uttermost optimized way (I can think of) to gather resources, but I'm always short on 2 of coal/wood/food. One trial made to day 11 despite 3 outbreaks from discontent, but 1/3 of the population died of hunger and the other 1/3 is in the medical hut (overcrowded) and I got dethroned.

I'll probably give it up now, and return to hardmode like a pleb :'( I think things might be doable if I mix 2 hard / 2 extreme in custom.

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