Houses of Healing theory, need confirmation

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A few nights ago I finished the last achievement for this great game, hard mode A New Home with no deaths (I think it's called Iron Savior but I'm at work and can't check now). I actually got it without crossing the line and was my first hard mode completion on the scenario too, but enough showing off.

I had some difficulty when the first wave of sick refugees came in, one would always die despite everyone being in treatment, and I'd like to share my thoughts and theory in case anyone else has this issue.

In my game at the time, I had I think… 9+ medical posts, 4+ houses of healing, 2 care houses, and no infirmaries. Didn't even have infirmaries researched, I figured I'd be good with houses of healing. The influx of people come in, I watch them all go to treatment, and then in a day or so someone dies. At first I assumed people were dying when moving from care house to treatment proper, so I'd reload and shut the care houses down, build a few more medical posts and a house of healing, and watch it play out again.


Same result. It would pop up a message about a man dying with dignity writing you a message of thanks (even if the person who died was a child :P). This eventually got me thinking, perhaps there is a scripted event. Much like how if you use more than one emergency shift in the early game, you are pretty much guaranteed a death from overwork, perhaps when your houses of healing get close to full it forces a death for this event.

I eventually got past the influx of sick people by disabling all the houses of healing, building a bunch more medical posts, rushing infirmary research and building a few of them.

On the face of it, it makes some sense to me at least. If you eschew actual advanced medical care in favour of simple remedies and faith, some people are going to die.

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Can anyone confirm if they've had this experience? Failing that, I hope mine at least helps other people with the game.

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