I can not get this game to run

frostpunk 1 - I can not get this game to run

So I just purchased this game during the steam sale and I've been really keen to try it for months now. After fully installing I ran it and couldn't get through the opening credits. The fps drops to basically ~1/sec during both the developer and Alienware titles, if I let this run its course the game eventually stops responding, otherwise I can hit escape through these and make it to the main menu.


Once there however, the sound is completely broken, no music or sfx in the menus. If I tweak with audio settings I can sometimes get the sound to aggressively explode in static but thats about it. From here I hit the New City button and 9/10 the game crashes after a long load screen wait. 1 in 10 times it makes it through only to have the same issue during the opening cutscene as the opening credits. If I again escape through this I can finally make it to gameplay however the frames again drop to ~1 or even less and the sound remains broken.

My system is an Alienware 15 R4 Intel i7-8750H Windows 10 GTX1060 OC 6GB DDR5 32GB DDR4 RAM

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