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I beat A New Home! I had to ignore the final three encampments (though i took in all the refugees) and save scum to do it, I got past the storm. I wanted to play it past the end a little bit, if only to give the 11 remaining people in my city prosthetics. I built something like 15 robots and just let all the humans chill indoors the whole time.

Even with all the cheating, it was intense. I had to pause pretty much continually to make sure everything was running smoothly, and I forgot to unassign a lot of my workers. Bless those brave, stupid souls who tried to go to work in -120 weather.

I wound up making a fairly nice city to live in. I used the faith tree, but I didn't finish it, and I only used my faith keepers a few times the entire run. I also only killed 3 people, which is pretty good for a population of nearly 600.

One thing I messed up my first run was storing food portions instead of raw food, which is half as efficient since it's not too hard to produce cooked food during the storm. I didn't end up needing soup at all, but I was nervous so I used it anyway. This is a really fun game, and I'm glad I beat it.

Even though it's the least polished part of the game, I really like exploring places. It might be fun to have a scenario where you don't have a solid home base but instead a heated van or something and you need to keep adding steam cores as it gets colder. I'd also like to be able to play Tesla city,


A few minor gripes:

-It's unnessarily tedious to reassign people by class. I'd like an option to select all buildings of the same service (all cookhouses, hothouses, hunters huts, etc), all of the same type, or all buildings with a type of worker in them. The option exists, but it goes away as soon as you click on something else.

-Roads that have been built but don't connect to the generator don't display the correct error message. This has actually lost me games.

-You can't keep temperature overlay on all the time. You can't look at it while placing steam hubs.

-The food economy overlay is incredibly confusing. It told me I was losing food every day when I was actually gaining it, but wasn't cooking it as fast as it came in.

-Lots of tools require you to track down a building to use them. I'd like to just have a control panel so I don't have to spend a minute finding my church just to use its ability.

-Since the laws panel looks like a skill tree, my first gaming instinct is to fill it, but that's usually a terrible idea. I'd like to see a tooltip or something that suggests you don't have to pass laws as soon as they're availaible.

Overall a great game, worth the money, and I'll probably play it more soon.

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