I didn’t expect a city builder with so much lore and depth to it

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - I didn't expect a city builder with so much lore and depth to it

I thought I was going to play some cool variation of the typical city builder game but I got something with so much more depth than I expected. The scouting missions with all the lore they give, the londoners rebelling after someone from a different settlement came and fu*ked up my city's hope, having to choose how to keep up hope, and after deciding on order (and I need to replay it just to try faith) I eventually came to the option of turning my city into a dictatorship with the notion "Hope will never be a problem again". That last one especially gave me a solid smile on my face. Desperate times.

The americans from tesla city are about to arrive to my city and I wonder what they'll think of the banners hanging from my guard towers and propaganda center. Maybe their reaction will help me decide if full on dictatorship is a good option.

At first some of the reviews stating there's no sandbox or endless mode put me off from purchasing and I torrented it to try, but now I see why they put so much time in the scenarios rather than make a separate sandbox mode. Just bought the shit out of this game on steam. Can't wait to see what else I get to discover.


Edit: Finished New Home. The last week is one of the most exciting moments in a game in recent memory for me. Having my 14 automatons run everything from mines to infirmaries, managing the overdrive while my infirmaries flood with people, the last few hours where absolutely everything is freezing, and finally ending with 96% overdrive was immensely good. Just a shame it told me I crossed the line while I didn't go full New Order and didn't use forceful persuasion. Is it not allowed to build a Propaganda center for staying within the lines?

Now going to give myself a little break from the marathon I pulled for New Home and start with the Arks. Which I'm glad is what it is, with the real world version of that existing. After looking it up, isn't that the location (Svalbard) that another thread suggested this game was located in?

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