I expected a really hard game. But you can learn and master it really fast.

Order 05 1024x576 - I expected a really hard game. But you can learn and master it really fast.

After seeing about 2 hours of gameplay on Twitch I decided to pick up this game myself. I expected a really hard challenge given by the game itself.

I have beaten the 1st scenario on my 1st try on normal difficulty (was not able to change that at this point). After that I did the other 2 scenarios on hard, again on 1st try. (The Refugees after reloading once to omit an uproar death) The last thing I played now was the 1st Scenario on Survival Mode. This was a bit harder, but since I expected it to be difficult, I put a lot of concentration into that and even beat that without a huge problem.

On these 4 playthroughs I got quite a lot of Achievements, like the "only Hunters" and "no Steam Hubs" on my 1st scenario Survival Mode run. (But quite funny: not the "beat 1st scenario on hard" achievement)


I hope the other two scenarios are a bit harder on Survival Mode. Otherwise you actually have to give you artificial challenges to make the game actually hard. (I will try the 1st scenario on Extrem (no survival) and build only tents to see if that works out and to get the corresponding achievement)

But all in all this is a really wonderful game. I think 2 things that make the game actually really easy:

  1. Understanding that discontent is a ressource you should use by putting a lot of working places into overtime.
  2. Non-stop research by alternating 24-hour shifts for 2 workshops.

The 2nd part could be fixed if one 24-hour shift prevents all other workshops to do a 24-hour shift for 2 days. But I would not like this artificial "fix".

I am looking forward to the 4th scenario.

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