I finally beat Refugees on Survivor without Child Labor!

frostpunk 1 - I finally beat Refugees on Survivor without Child Labor!

…And my whole system crashed in the middle of the game so I lost the recording of the first half of the game…go figure 🙁

(I was able to resume the save file itself from a few in-game hours before but I lost the fpvod recording for everything before the crash)

Anyway, pretty stoked to have gotten refugees. I started playing a couple weeks ago, beat new home on survivor after doing a normal playthrough to get the basic mechanics down, then tried out the arks and was like "holy shit this is so much harder", then figured it out and then tried refugees and was like "holy shit no this is so much harder".

I actually haven't even tried using Child Labor in Refugees but it's pretty obvious from the start (20 workers, 8 engineers, 15 children) that it's the optimal route. I didn't set any other restrictions though, so you better believe that the lack of child labor came at the expense of constant 24hour emergency shifts while being fueled entirely on sawdust 😛

Anyway, I had a lot of fun figuring out the various timings as far as the opener and the first few days. I'll try to do another run in a few days so I can at least get it properly recorded (I still have the latter half recorded but that's not the interesting part IMO). My basic strategy though was to get 2 gathering posts up before day 2 (as well as cookhouse and medpost), let the new refugees build the hunter's hut but making sure to cook most rations before they arrive so they don't instantly eat all the raw food. Research order: faster gathering (finished around 6am day 2 due to emergency shift) -> hunter's gear (finishes the night the hunters go out for the first time – night 2) -> beacon. So basically a night 3 beacon timing which is a bit later than I've seen other people do it.


Laws: Emergency Shift -> Extended Shift -> Sawdust (I used to be team soup and have realized sawdust is way better for Refugees) -> Radical Treatment -> Overcrowding (these two were slightly risky since I had some starving people but I took care to keep people alive otherwise I'd go snow pit before radical) -> Snow Pit -> Organ Transplants -> Child Shelter -> Medic Apprentice -> Guard Station -> Watchtower -> Morning Gathering -> Foreman -> Patrol -> …

I've gotten pretty far without the canning workshop but the run I just won was snow dune -> old storehouse -> canning workshop so I got somewhat lucky there.

As a side note, both this run and the arks taught me the importance of having workers in the right position to build. It's definitely an art since the worker management this game is frustratingly implicit.

Anyway, it took me 3 days straight of no-lifeing to get the win under my belt so I'm going to go try to not play this game for a few days haha

(Meta: I couldn't find a flair that totally fit so I just chose discussion 😛 Feel free to discuss your refugee strats if ya want)

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