I just beat Winterhome on Survivor on my first try.

3890 1024x576 - I just beat Winterhome on Survivor on my first try.

Yep, another one of these posts. Here's the video. For the record, I also beat Arks on Survivor on my first try, but that was two days ago. I didn't get New Home on my first try. That took two tries, but I did that three days ago.

All gloating aside, I have to ask.. What on earth makes early-game in Winterhome so hard? It's not. It's utterly trivial compared to the dreadnought, at least for me. I read a ton of posts about people saying you need nutty-high APM, you'll have to redo it over and over, if even one guy dies early on you're done for.. None of it even remotely held true.

Maybe I'm just saying it because I did Refugees yesterday and I'm comparing Winterhome to that, but seriously, early-game Winterhome on Survivor just felt like early-any-game on Hard. I didn't have food or coal issues. Except for having to reassign people a bunch, this was actually more comparable to a Medium run. I'm only ranking it as Hard because with so many people to tear down the ruined structures, it's not too obvious that you /really/ need to put gathering posts whenever possible.

I didn't have a lack of workers or engineers. Except for like, four RNG deaths on the first night (and I'm pretty sure I can avoid those if I somehow put the medical posts near the cookhouses), there wasn't really a whole lot of death all at once.

Anyway, I've come down with a horrendous cold (ironic, innit?) and don't feel like trying to write up a textual summary of what I did in great detail. Frankly, I don't even really remember most of it.

I do distinctly remember that I took Radical Treatment first (I had to put a guy on the public house and then wait a few ticks for discontent to drop enough, and I immediately got the ultimatum after, but it worked it's self out the minute I turned overdrive on), and that I never took Organ Transplants until really, REALLY late (after I had infirmaries). Speaking of, I rushed those. Absolute bee-line. One workshop working on it whenever it could. Got the -5 engineer tech right after.

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I never took soup or sawdust. Everyone was on totally normal food through the entire game. Nobody ever ate raw stuff, as far as I can remember. This absolutely will not work if you wanna fully stock the dreadnought, but it's fine for the achievement.

I used the "have the outpost guy run between the coal place and the food place every day" trick. It's amazing. Later I did it with steel and coal. I'd have froze to death if I left him on steel the entire time, and doing the runs didn't actually slow either down (as long as I was paying attention).


As usual: No scouting techs of any sort (I mean it this time — One scout team the entire time, and I did no research into the tree at all, not even for faster outpost teams!), I still hit every location, and the team was idling with the engineers at the storm shelter at the end in case I actually made it long enough to hit that event.

Fun fact: Outpost dudes move to unknown locations insanely fast, then make them known so your scouts get there nutty-fast if you tell them to travel a second time. Go figure. I used this to get to the steel outpost location real fast.

Faith tree, I rushed temple, then faith keepers, then shrines. Wanted faith keepers so I could stop people from leaving. Turns out about ten seconds after I picked them and finished their house, the engineers finished researching the generator's issues and hope plummeted. Ended up using my extra life immediately. Yay, faith keepers!

Fun maybe-fact number two: You get two extra lives, one for hope and one for discontent. I think. Maybe there's a cooldown. Unsure. Either way, I had the Faith Keepers calm the population down twice in this game. One was for zero hope, and the other was for over-discontent. I ended up probably-honestly needing Hope, but I could've fixed Discontent myself.

As usual: If you're only going for the achievement, this really isn't difficult as long as you prepare sanely (do rudimentary Googling, avoid like it's the plague, follow the general achievement progression (Do Easy for the full dreadnought and all kids, then Hard, then Survivor and don't bother with Extreme), and don't psyche yourself out mid-run and restart twenty times). I was expecting some sort of Starcraft-level mouse action, but it really, really isn't much harder than just playing a map on Medium once you realize that the game pauses when you click the "Deconstruct roads" button and still lets you hover your cursor over UI buttons for detailed information. Chances are that not everything I say will hold up if you're going for 100% completion or deathless.

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Faith help you if you're trying to do both at once.



I'll clean this post up a bit later. I really need to sleep now.

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