I just completed The fall of Winterhome on survivor mode on first try…my build/law order inside

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Left so many behind
. I could probably risk trying to stay and get 100 more people, but decided to just complete it and get the achievement (back to 100% yay). I am sure my build is not optimal, but if you only want to barely win (to get an achievement), here is my build:

In short: too much discontent in the beginning, so law order: organ transplants -> radical treatment -> overcrowding (so important). Those 3 are very important since too many sick in the beginning. Then I think it was soup, churches (allow to every 2 days increase hope, so better get it early), evening prayers, temple, moonshine. Pretty sure that is the only things you manage before the end of first quest.

In terms of buildings: get 1 steam hub on left part of town (2-3 medical posts there with many tents), perfect place for it. Then spam medical posts, so that only 5 engineers not in medical post are researching. At the same time get gathering posts. After that the main priority is food. There are enough workers to get lots of food from hunting hunts, so just spam those in cleared spaces. Then get steam buildings, get coal, rebuild tents in warm places, you know the drill.

Regarding research: I did very little of it. Simply not enough engineers. But, first was faster gathering (no idea if it helps with clearing the buildings, but I do it anyway) -> medical upgrade +10% (no idea if that useful tbh, decided that no need for infirmaries by the time research completed) -> steam steelworks. Then in a bit random order: steam coal, better heaters, flying hunters. I don't think I managed anything else before repair station. Then I did hunter tactics, tried to get to tier 4…and at that point I launched dreadnought. Too little engineers to do research.

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Scouting: probably better to first go to dreadnought, gets you 30 food. Going more south: more raw food. Right side: lots of steel and steam cores (very important). Top: engineers. I did in the order of dreadnought -> south -> right side -> top. Probably more useful to get engineers earlier?

Now, the hardest part: first quest with discontent and hope. Hope was my biggest problem. Getting early church and spamming cooldowns helped a ton. Temple is a must have. Put churches everywhere of course. All events: choose the one that increases hope. Then I barely had over 50% hope at the end. Surprisingly I also had a problem with discontent at the very end. On the last day I went from soup to usual food and spammed fighting arenas everywhere. My biggest problem was overcrowding in medical facilities. I had about 20 sick people with 7 medical posts open. So to make sure that not more than 5 were in a single post at once, I had to take out engineers from overcrowded places until people distributed themselves much better. It was an EXTREMELY close call with both discontent and hope, but worked for me at the end.

At the very end: steel and coal are main problems. Without coal outpost, I had very big troubles, so decided to just launch the dreadnought. So when you do it yourself, get more coal stuff (I had only 2 steam coal mines, 1 thumper, 2 charcoal kilns, not enough with that low temperature). Anyway, if you have better build: comment below, let's try to get a more optimal build for others eventually.

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