I just finished On The Edge a few hours ago, is it only me or it’s kinda weak compared to the rest of the content?

frostpunk 3 - I just finished On The Edge a few hours ago, is it only me or it's kinda weak compared to the rest of the content?

Don't get me wrong, OTE was fun, but some elements felt weird in my perspective.

Firstly, the gameplay. Frostpunk is supposed to be a City building game, and you barely build anything in OTE. Removing city building from your city building game is just like removing guns from your FPS game.

So what do you actually do in OTE? You trade, you help other settlements and you make choices regarding your diplomacy and relations with them. Which is nice, but it seriously doesn't feel like Frostpunk and i expected much more from the final expansion.

Oh and can we talk about the fact that this expansion is relatively easy compared to the other scenarios? I saved New London on my first playthrough on normal, and i am pretty bad at the game to be honest. It took me a few attempts to succeed on TFOW, New Home and TLA, and The Refugees, sometimes even more than five attempts, but somehow i managed to get the best ending on my very first try in OTE.

Secondly, i want to talk about the amount of content in OTE. I mean, you have the same rules in New Home minus the purpose rules, mostly the same buildings, and similar research while TLA had completely differen buildings, Adaptaion plus Purpose rules and new research (oh and in TLA there is actually a reason to get past the tier 3 research compared to OTE)

so in terms of content OTE was supposed to be at least as big as TLA considering the fact that this is the final expansion.


My last problem was the story, it just doesn't make sense to me. Look, i am not exactly an expert of Frostpunk lore and story but your relations with New London is one of the most ridiculous and illogical things i have seen in a while. This whole beef with New London could have been avoided if they had just, i dunno, TOLD Outpost 11 that there are problems back home? There was nothing stopping New London from doing so. The whole purpose of New London being absolute A holes is to start the bad relations between Outpost 11 and New London, which felt completely felt forced and unnatrual. Since the moment New London cut contact with Outpost 11 i was like "wtf is happening and why"

Oh, and how does The last city on earth, the city of New London which survived the Great Storm, Stockpiled food for an entire week with no option to gather Raw Food, has some food shortages at -40 with 527 people and a fully upgraded generator? Oh and why does New London insist on you cutting contact with the other settlements? sound absolutely illogical.

I am seriously asking, am i hallucinating? Or i am just dumb and missing something in the story because i seriously don't understand what i just experienced.

TL;DR: I enjoyed OTE but the gameplay was pretty easy and removed city building aspects, Content felt recycled compared to TLA and story was illogical.

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