I made a post a while back about being excited to win the base scenario. So here’s advice for newer players, now I’ve beaten them all.

frostpunk 2 - I made a post a while back about being excited to win the base scenario. So here's advice for newer players, now I've beaten them all.

Just a big ol' list of tips that have saved my run a few times (and informed my decisions about how many people I'd have to kill for the cause).

1) The V key on your keyboard should be worn flat. It tells you absolutely everything you'll ever need to know to survive what may come: Storm shutting down your food production? Multiply your consumption by the length of the storm, that's exactly how much food you need. Don't have a steam core for a coal mine, but worried your generator's gonna turn off? It'll tell you that a coal gather spot exists, and help you find it.

2) Automatons are a godsend. At max upgrades (and assuming you get good RNG with events), they can produce at a coal mine, in one day what about 20 people on a single shift can. And they work without heat or food requirements, meaning you can isolate a huge amount of your industry in an area that needs minimal, if any heating.

3) Day 1 matters. You don't need tents instantly: People will complain and ask for housing. You'll be able to provide all of that on Day 2 easily. Focus on getting a workshop or two, a medical post, and if you can push your luck a bit, a beacon. The cookhouse can wait till day 2, people will just eat food they don't technically need before then.

4) Especially on Endless Mode, diversify your industry. If you get an event that puts you down to 10% coal mine output, when you don't have enough coal stockpiled to cover that usage when the storm hits (trust me, the pain is real), you're done for without Thumpers, or you're sacrificing around 50 people to keep it going.


5) Sawmills are really useful early game. Sure, they may not sound fantastic thanks to the constant need to replace & rebuild, but an upgraded steam sawmill can produce 25 wood per hour, with a 1200 wood "seam" to get through. On a good extended shift, that's 350 wood, easily. Not to be turned down.

6) Like with sawmills, Charcoal Kilns aren't to be underestimated either. If you've got a wall drill pumping wood into an ever overflowing stockpile, a kiln can help deal with any coal issues you have. An automaton on both wall drill and kiln will be a net profit on both, forever.

7) Watch the weather guage. If people ask you to make homes warmer, but it's going to drop by two levels in the coming days, more likely than not, that's a lost cause. Take the discontent hit now, rather than a huge hope hit later.

8) Laws aren't the be-all and end-all. You do not need to sign everything, and signing some things will hurt you more than help you. Consider carefully what you need done, and think if a specific law may alleviate a burden or even remove a task you were considering.

9) Child Shelters is probably better in the long run, if you want to avoid deaths and don't want Child Labour in all workplaces. As medics, they can provide a neat +20% efficiency to workspaces, which is well worth it if you can handle the space.

Hopefully I've helped somebody, because I'm going to need some soon. This game has clearly made me a masochist, because I plan to do the Survivor modes tonight.

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