I really enjoyed On The Edge, here are my thoughts

frostpunk 5 - I really enjoyed On The Edge, here are my thoughts

Ok, lots of people have had lots of thoughts about the most recent expansion. I thought I would toss in my two cents:

I quite enjoyed on the edge. The shift in focus away from "Tech rush and build the sprawl" to "build what you can and trade for the rest" was a refreshing change for me. In the past, I could basically build my way out of a problem. Need more coal? Build a new mine or thumper. Need more food? Build a hunter hut. Not anymore. Now for wood I have to balance research versus construction versus trade versus upgrading settlements… and from the start I can see that I'm going to run out. The initial pressure of lack of food adds to the complexity of the decision making. Do I upgrade the army depot with this steel or do I send it to New London to get that food shipment? The upgrade with make future shipments faster….. but will people starve to death before I can get the food?

Of course, there is always something more that I wish I could have had. In this case, it was laws. In every other scenario (minus the Arks), we started with a core set of laws, and then could choose a divergent path (faith vs order or engineers vs workers). In OTE, the base laws are initially set by New London, which I liked because it forced me to look for alternate solutions to many problems (no soup to stretch the food). However, once we broke from New London, I would have liked another 'path' decision. Here is what I envision:


Diplomacy vs Conquest Basically, you could either attempt to cooperate and earn the trust of the other settlements (much the same way as you do in the current version) trading resources for what you need and building favor and loyalty. You of course can spend favor for extra resources, just as you can now. I also think that I would have liked loyalty to have more tiers, with tangible benefits at each.

Conquest would mechanically function the same, in that you would still be trading resources for what you need from the settlements. However, the upgrades would be called different things, and instead of 'favor' you would have 'stability'. Stability could be spent for extra resources (though in this case you are not asking, you are taking. Lowered stability represents the settlement getting pissed). Push the settlement to far, and they might revolt; which could have all sorts of interesting events tied to it.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Mechanically Diplomacy and Conquest would work very much in similar ways, but the events, choices, and feeling would be quite different.

Looking forward to a possible sequel, or new IP with a similar style, the thing I would wish for the most is: scenario continuity. Finish scenario A import save as a start for scenario B…. etc.

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