I seriously hate the third scenario…

3890 1024x576 - I seriously hate the third scenario...

The idea for the scenario is great but playing it is just a nightmare I find. I can do the first two scenarios handily enough on hard but I'm not even getting close when it comes to the refugees. For the first 10 days I feel like I'm just stuck in an impossible juggling act and will always be behind on at least one type of resource (and that's even with child labor and abusing the hunting 24 hour shifts (which I hate doing)). I have no idea how you're supposed to get tech to be ready for the -2 cold at around day 10 or so without sacrificing your economy. If you do build an economy I find I had to endure some cold days and I get stuck with a massive backlog of sick people that eventually ruins me, especially when the second or third group of lords come.

After a while I stabilize resources but over all I feel like I'm at least a day or two behind the curve. I'll be just about doing okay when the lords start to come and this is where I get destroyed. The first group want food, and even if I have 300 bloody food rations some of them just refuse to eat and I end up getting penalized for it and then thrown out due to overwhelming discontent by that point. If I scrape through that bunch I then have to contend with the sick lords. Forget about it. I'm struggling with between 60-80 sick people a day as it is there is no way I'm going to get on top of that, especially when most people take between 2-3 days to heal which is ridiculous.


This is the point where under normal circumstances I'd ask for help but honestly this scenario has beaten me so decisively that I just don't have the will power to go back into it (I guess I'm open to any tips all the same in case I try again in the future). I've been grinding at it for 4 days and I've gradually improved but I know my limits and this is it. I just don't think I'll ever be able to get ahead of the curve on this one or at least keep up with it and it torments me to no end. Guess I'll have to settle for doing it on normal but damn if that doesn't irk me.

gg Frostpunk, ya got me.

How are other people finding it?

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