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So I'm not really sure if this fits with what the other two branches are trying to accomplish, but I feel like the existing branches are a bit too linear for us to justify multiple playthroughs. So, I came up with a new path: Progress, or evolution.

The main focus on this path is to make sure that what happened to Winter home will not happen to the citizens of New London. In order to survive, the captain is forced to start the wheels of progress again, this time at a rapid pace. Some of these things may include improving already existing workplaces, to physical augmentation of the citizens. Of course these augmentations should be reflected appropriately by the time period, however the main idea is that they are using technology to ensure survival. Prosthetics could be upgraded to actually be more efficient than regular limbs, and people can be upgraded to withstand cold better.


However, I think where it starts to go wrong is the fight between nature and progress. Of course, some people would rather not turn to this twisted path of technology, but why should they be so selfish? Some laws might include forceful augmentation, cutting off limbs to replace them with their superior prosthetic counterpart. There's a divide between the augmentations and the…"humans", but will you be able to bridge that gap?

I dunno, it might be hard to make it fit into the time period, buti think it still fits thematically, what with the loss of mankind and all that.

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