I’m a little late, but I just played the Last Autumn, got Perfectionist and Bonus Pater Familias. Just a few thoughts/tips.

Order 05 1024x576 - I'm a little late, but I just played the Last Autumn, got Perfectionist and Bonus Pater Familias. Just a few thoughts/tips.

I had three aborted tries before I caught on and finished it. No survivor mode because I'm just not that good at RTS.

The main thing was keeping Motivation up high as much as possible. Once you get the 33% bonus for high motivation then you can implement Safety Protocols and other safety measures like Short Shift that drop your production down without them completely crippling you. You have to be on Safe and have all the safety measures built to handle the disasters that crop up without people dying and/or losing production time. That said, at a certain point using Short Shift all the time does slow things down too much and I found that I needed to go to 24 hour shifts to make sure I got everything done. I did miss the first deadline, but since there is no penalty for doing that I wasn't that concerned as I had used the time to build up various supporting resources that would enable safe work.

Keeping motivation up high meant going to the laws right away. I started with Chapel, Evening Service and then went to Public House and House of Pleasure ASAP. Then I would incrementally add in other laws related to motivation whenever things start to look like they might be dropping down. If you go with Bath House before House of Pleasure you can end up with people making the bath house into a house of pleasure so just go HOP first.

I ended up siding with the Engineers rather than the Workers for the labor motivation. Not sure if that matters much, but I got familiar with their advantages and used them. I'll probably try a Worker play through just to see how it differs. This obviously meant I was focused on bringing more Engineers in, but you definitely want to create the law to promote Workers to Engineers, which overall has a positive effect on Motivation.

It's pretty important to get two Foragers up as soon as it is reasonable to do so. Have one explore until they find a food source and then camp there sending back food to the site. The other one should continue exploring even if they find another food source. Finding survivors of other failed camps as well as resources is very helpful overall. You're going to want to give out Hearty Meals at some point to keep motivation up, but as long as you have one Forager sending back food and a couple of Fishing Harbors running you should be good. As you get into double shifts and expand the population you'll need to upgrade the Fishing Harbors.

I had at least two sometimes three Sawmills going for bringing in wood. I don't think the steam powered sawmills are worth it as you run out of trees relatively quickly anyway and steam cores are at a premium until the very end. The upgrade to expand the Sawmill range is definitely necessary to avoid having to keep demolishing and replacing Sawmills.


For port facilities I ended up with two fisheries and two docks. Steam cores are really hard to justify in shipments for most of the game due to the need to get as many workers as possible and the later upgrades to the docks use up a lot of steam cores. You really need to use steam cores for building everything related to constructing the generator as well as for things like one or more Infirmaries.

For most of the game I was bringing only steel in from the docks. Once the coal piles ran out I began bringing in coal from one even though I still had a decent amount, it pays off in the end as I never ran out even running multiple heaters and braziers. The end is relatively easy though as when you wrap up the generator construction you can demolish most of the facilities and reclaim the steam cores. This allows you to build up the dock facilities and bring in a lot of materials to wrap things up.

I can't see any reason to use the Charcoal Kiln at all. You can pull coal from the piles for quite a while (making sure to have storage available to stockpile it) and when that runs out just get it from the docks. Wood is at enough of a premium that you'll completely wipe out all the forest in the area just to get the generator done. Optimize your Profiles Manufacture quickly for this reason.

I also didn't really bother pulling steel from the wrecked ship. I did so at the very end just because I could, but it wasn't necessary.

For keeping everyone alive the usual Frostpunk issues apply. You can never have sick people wandering around untreated and everyone needs to get fed. You also really don't want to get into situations where you have to build more than two Medical Posts. To avoid that you have to keep the generator construction sites in the safe range most of the time. You do not want to get into a situation where you have amputees as there is just not enough logistics available to bring in prosthetic limbs. You also don't want to have to waste resources on a Care House. Better to tech up and get Infirmaries going rather than deal with all of that.

Main thing for keeping everyone alive until the end is to never let yourself get caught building the generator with anything less than Safe at the building site and have excess Profiles and Steam Exchangers ready to build safety equipment requested at the site. This is the only way I've seen to get the optimal choices for avoiding the inevitable disasters that occur.

Sorry if this is all old news.

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